MIMEDefang is a free email filtering tool released under the GNU General Public License. It works with the Sendmail "Milter" library, and allows user to write filtering policies in Perl rather than C. Using MIMEDefang you can tag spam, add warnings for external mail, block viruses, and much much more. MIMEDefang was first released in 2000. Thanks to AppRiver for donating MIMEDefang to the foundation.

Project Management Committee

Chair: Kevin A. McGrail
Member: Giovanni Bechis
Member: Bill Cole
Member (and Original Author): Dianne F. Skoll

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Net::validMX is a Perl module to use DNS and/or regular expressions to verify if an email address could be valid by checking for valid MX records. It can be used for sender verification used with MIMEDefang and/or verifying email addresses when registering users.

Cybersecurity Curriculum

The McGrail foundation is working on a Cybersecurity Curriculum currently implemented with 5 interns at PCCC. The ultimate goal is to make good System Admins and Techs that can analyze and work through problems without being given every solution. From building and understanding networks, to documentation, to security frameworks - this curriculum covers the basic practical knowledge as an administrator needed get a job and excel in Cybersecurity.


KAM.cf is a set of SpamAssassin rules that KAM has developed and uses on his system. This ruleset has been in development since 2004. KAM.cf allows sites to respond quickly to new spam campaigns at the cost of more false positive results.

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