Jun 08, 2020
Linode Donates Virtual Machines to Support our ...
Linode provides simple and affordable cloud computing. The McGrail Foundation is pleased to annouce that Linode has donated 3 years of hosting for two servers to support our Honeypot and Apache SpamAssassin Channel updates for KAM.cf. Read More
May 08, 2020
Net::validMX Donated to The McGrail Foundation
Net::validMX v2.5.0 is released and the project has moved to The McGrail Foundation Net::validMX is a PERL Module to use DNS and/or regular expressions to verify if an email address could be valid. We are pleased to announce the release of v2.5.0 with numerous bug fixes as well as moving the ... Read More
Mar 05, 2020
AppRiver donates MIMEDefang to The McGrail Foundation
Today, we are proud to announce that the MIMEDefang project has been donated to The McGrail Foundation. This includes source code, website, and domains. However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the integration of this project is going to take some time! Please keep an eye out on the MIMEDefang ... Read More
Jun 14, 2019
iSpark IT Services
Thanks to iSpark IT Services and Nitin Shrivastav for their help in designing The McGrail Foundation Website and our new logo. Read More
Jun 20, 2018
KAM.cf Donated to McGrail Foundation
Since 2004, the KAM.cf Apache SpamAssassin ruleset has been provided for free to help battle spammers. Today, it is incorporated into numerous commercial platforms and protects hundreds of millions of mailboxes daily. As of today, KAM.cf has been donated and moved over to The McGrail Foundation ... Read More