Aug 20, 2020
The McGrail Foundation is Seeking Sponsors for Bug ...
Bugs are a common problem in all software. Bug bounties are commonly used by companies to prevent exploits by 'bad actors' by paying ethical hackers to discover the bugs to be fixed. Just this year Microsoft paid $13.7m in bug-bounty payouts. The McGrail foundation is seeking to do the reverse ... Read More
Jul 15, 2020
Apache SpamAssassin Leads A Growing List of ...
Over the past few weeks, a heated debate has arisen on the Apache SpamAssassin users list regarding the replacement of racially charged terms like “whitelist” and “blacklist” used in the Apache Spamassassin Project’s code with more inclusive language. Certain community members have been ... Read More
Jul 08, 2020
2020 CARES Act Brings Important Changes for Charitable ...
The McGrail Foundation is seeking funds for three initiatives: 1) To develop and publish a free, open source cybersecurity curriculum 2) To continue developing rules for Apache SpamAssassin 3) Online Financial Literacy and Safety for teens, elderly and underserved populations The CARES Act ... Read More
Jun 08, 2020
Linode Donates Virtual Machines to Support our ...
Linode provides simple and affordable cloud computing. The McGrail Foundation is pleased to annouce that Linode has donated 3 years of hosting for two servers to support our Honeypot and Apache SpamAssassin Channel updates for Read More
May 08, 2020
Net::validMX Donated to The McGrail Foundation
Net::validMX v2.5.0 is released and the project has moved to The McGrail Foundation Net::validMX is a PERL Module to use DNS and/or regular expressions to verify if an email address could be valid. We are pleased to announce the release of v2.5.0 with numerous bug fixes as well as moving the ... Read More