Instructions for Usage

  1. Download and Import the channel's GPG signing key:
    • wget
    • sa-update --import
    • NOTE: The key fingerprint is: 21D9 7142 272C 9066 FCAA 792B 4A15 6DA5 24C0 63D8
  2. Update the KAM Ruleset Channel:
    • sa-update --gpgkey 24C063D8 --channel
    • The channel update should be run periodically via Cron, with an additional SpamAssassin lint check for safety, running sa-compile (if enabled), and restarting the spamd / MIMEDefang / Amavis services as needed for your environment!
    • If you are using a RedHat based Linux distro you can just copy the channel configuration file in the /etc/mail/spamassassin/channel.d/ directory.