Announcing the Apache SpamAssassin Channel for the KAM Rule Set

Nov 26, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving,

The McGrail Foundation is proud to announce the immediate availability of the channel for the KAM rule set.

The rule set has been free and available to improve Apache SpamAssassin installations for going on 17 years now. It includes rules for common spam as well as contributed rules plus tweaks to help make things faster and more efficient with the stock rules without lowering the efficacy.

The KAM rule set is authored by Kevin A. McGrail with contributions from Joe Quinn, Karsten Br├Ąckelmann, Bill Cole, and Giovanni Bechis. It is maintained by The McGrail Foundation.

The KAM channel is made possible with the support of hosting from Linode and help from PCCC & cPanel. More information about our sponsors can be found at our Sponsor's Page at

To enable the KAM rule set via an sa-update channel see the channel page at