Sponsor Spotlight: runbox

Dec 28, 2020

The McGrail Foundation is proud to announce that runbox has become a sponsor of supporting the KAM.cf Apache SpamAssassin ruleset that helps protect so many people every day.

Below is a note from the managing Director, project manager, and developer at runbox: Geir Thomas Andersen:

Runbox is a global email service provider based in Norway with customers in over 170 countries. Since our foundation in 2000 we have defended our users against spam in all conceivable forms, and employed a large number of different countermeasures.

Utilizing the KAM.cf SpamAssassin ruleset has proven invaluable in countering the increasingly diversified and ingenious influx of spam, while the flexibility and dedication from the McGrail team provides continuous assistance in fine-tuning the rules to suit our diverse customer base.

The McGrail Foundation appreciates all our sponsors and the people who support us in making the world a safer and more secure place.