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Rollin McGrail-
"Toasts : Over 1500 of the Best Toasts, Sentiments,
                       Blessings, and  Graces"
Rollin McGrail's illustrations regularly appear in many notable publications including:The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal and others.

Deirdre McGrail-
(Concept artist)
" two- and three-dimensional  art works use
  barely-recognizable photographs of natural materials
  as their  source. Her work as "A mapping-out of
  natural laws and orders in the form of cosmic behavioral

Basil McGrail "Convict 99 " (1939- British Comedy)
Brian McGrail "The Next Karate Kid" (1994) ("T.J")
Charlie McGrail "Vicicous Sweet"
 (Mutant Monster)
James McGrail "Secret Patrol" (1936) (Arnold)
Jeff McGrail "Columbo: It's All In the Game" 1993-TV)
 (Policeman #1) 
"Shelter"  (1997) (Assassin)
"The Postman" (1997) (Rope Bridge Soldier)
"Sky High" (1984)
Jessica McGrail "Vicicous Sweet" (Young Laura Maticio)

Kasen McGrail
(click photo)
Star of "Night Race"
an independent movie
produced by 
Darkwood Motion Pictures.
Paul McGrail "Sing, Sinner, Sing" (1933)  ("Louis")
Shann McGrail Duncan
"The Miss Firecracker Contest"
  ( as Elaine Rutledge)
"Picnic of the Battlefield" - (as Madame Tepan )
  ( Kanata Theatre Company Kanata
    Theatre:Kanata, On) 
Walter McGrail   Noted Hollywood film star and character actor


John McGrail

"Philadelphia, World Class"
(Marion Laffey Fox, John McGrail, 
Jill Capuzzo, Beth D'Addono)
Brian McGrail-
"Dirty Day"
Presented by Imua! Theatre Company at the Currican Theater, 154 West 29th St., NYC
In 1985 Robert“Whitey” McGrail, a well-liked tavernkeeper, was 
gunned down in his own South Boston bar.  And now his son, 
Actor-playwright Brian McGrail, has written a play based on the
 actual murder. 
Connie McGrail- The Shakespeare Project of Chicago
           -"King Lear" (Cordelia)
           -"Twelfth Night" (Olivia)
           -"Henry V" (Katharine)
           -"The Winter’s Tale" (Perdita)
          - "Richard III" (varied roles)
       Other Shakespearean credits:
          - "Romeo and Juliet" (Juliet)
          - "King John" (Prince Henry)
          - "The Tempest" (Miranda)
          - "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" (Peaseblosson)
          - "All’s Well That Ends Well" (Diana)
          - "Strange Interlude" (Equity Library Theatre of Chicago)


J. Patrick McGrail
  -directed "The Washington-Sarajevo Talks"
    by Carla Seaquist
    (for Voice of America in Washington, D.C.)

  - "The Lion in Winter"  (Henry)

   - directed "The Talking Dog"
     by John Guare

   - directed "Ikke, Ikke, Nye, Nye, Nye"
     by Lanford Wilson

    - numerous acting and directing credits
     in Washington and Boston

Scott McGrail           "Independence Day" (1997)
           (Digital Effects Production Executive)
          "Broken Arrow"(1996)
             (Pacific Ocean Post: Head of Operators)

David McGrail-      Director "Regis and Kathy Lee Show"


Sean McGrail (Jason Beghe)                                   Fiona McGrail (Fionnula Flanagan)
Patrick McGrail (Stephen Lee)                                Robert McGrail (John Cullum)
Michael McGrail (Jason Wiles)                               Tommy McGrail (Stephen Largay)
                                        Carolyn McGrail (Colleen Flynn)

Ellen McGrail              (Showhost) "Destroy All Music"
                WREK 91.1 FM (Atlanta, Ga)
                      Wednesdays (8-9pm)
Ken McGrail
1270 WSPR
Springfield, Ma
"Cindy McGee"
Cindy (McGrail) Mallien
Songwriter, producer, musician,  vocalist
  Latest Albumn
    "Beach, Blues & Country"

Cindy is presently researching source material for her next album, and is particularly interested in material with a distinctly McGrail / Irish influence.  What prompted your initial search for your origins?  Did you make any unusual discoveries? If you have any
ideas or suggestions, she can be reached at

Brendon McGrail
soon to release his album 
The hit tracks are 
1. Charlie's Demise 
2. Little Militia Boy 
3. The End 
Bruce McGrail
"Come and Worship"
Dan McGrail
 (Drummer-"Dingo Roi") British
  "Most Decidedly So"
Dave McGrail
(Writer-Bass Player-Vocals)
"One Man Down"(Rock Band)
latest single- "Holy"
Diedre McGrail           Bon Bon Meltdown
    visual and performance artist
Ellen McGrail              "The Parkers"
              (Jazz group) E bass
Janine McGrail              "Stand Firm"
              Christian songwiter
John McGrail
"The Sun"[Sound of the Sea]
               Mind Fry Enterprises

           "Before Our Eyes"

John K. McGrail             "Train Whistle"
Josephine McGrail
Matt McGrail Scotch Bonnet
(punk/ska band from Cape Cod,MA)
Sam bahman-lead singer,bacthk-up guitarist 
Dan Mathieson-lead guitar,back-up singer 
Dan Hayward-bass 
Matt McGrail-drums
 Fr. Peter McGrail            "The Song of Creation"
           "Lord Emmanuel, Come"
           "Rejoice and be Glad"

Brian McGrail -Comedian (Boston)

Dean McGrail
Ballroom Dance
   Throughout her long involvement in Ballroom Dance as a student, a competitor and a tireless volunteer, Dean McGrail exemplified the best of the best. 
   The Dean McGrail Scholarship Award is a fitting tribute to this exceptional woman.  Administered by a Board of Trustees on behalf of Dance Nova Scotia, the scholarship is designed to encourage Dancesport competitors at the syllabus level.

Cormac McCarthy (Author)
           -The Orchard Keeper
           - Outer Dark
           -Child of God
           -Blood Meridian
           - All the Pretty Horses
           -The Stonemason
           -The Crossing
           -The Gardener's Son
           -Cities of the Plain

Anna McGrail- (author / publisher / playwright)  Brighton, England
-  BBC
-  Managing Editor of Pavilion Publishing,
   Brighton, England
-  the Ian St James Awards in 1994
-"The Nineteenth List" (radio play)
(which was nominated for Prix Italia)
  first novel, "Blood Sisters"(1995)


- "Mrs Einstein" (Doubleday)1998
                "Your Newborn & You:
        A National Childbirth Trust Guide"
            (National Childbirth Trust Guide)
"Becoming a Family"
     (British Edition)
National Childbirth Trust Publishing, 1996
ISBN 0117019348
by Anna McGrail 
Published March 1999 by Bloomsbury
ISBN #: 0747543968
"Crying - Simple Steps to Cope" 
by Anna McGrail 
Published  Harper Collins
ISBN #: 0722536097
Daniel McGrail
                       "Year 2000 Personal Computer Fix-It-Guide"
                        (Jd Consulting, Daniel McGrail, Ellen Faucher)

David W. McGrail -  "Reefs and Banks of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico :
                          Their Geological, Biological, and Physical Dynamics "
                                (Richard Rezak, Thomas J. Bright, David W. McGrail)

Elizabeth A. McGrail -(Author)

                                              OF OLD  EDINBURGH"
                                             (A. Wilson, D. Brogan & F. McGrail)

Janet McGrail-     "Looking at Schools:
                                  Instruments andProcesses for School  Analysis"
                                                       (Janet McGrail, Bruce L. Wilson, Joan L. Buttram, and Gretchen B. Rossman)

Joie McGrail-      " Fighting Back : One Woman's Struggle Against Cancer "

Lauren McGrail-
           "Talking Shop: A Curriculum Sourcebook for
                      Participatory Adult ESL"
                              (Andrea Nash, Ann Cason, Madeline Rhum,
                                   Loren McGrail, and Rosario Gomez-Sanford)

Mary McGrail- Editor
"Too Darn Hot : Writing About Sex Since"
                           (Global City Book)
Judy Bloomfield (Editor), Mary McGrail (Editor),
     Lauren Sanders (Editor)

Mary Ann McGrail   "The Ox and the Bouillon Cube"

McGrail-                           "Looking at Schools : Instruments and Process for
                                                      School Analysis"



Sean McGrail

   "Ancient Boats in Northwest Europe : An Archaeology
          of WaterTransport to Ad 1500"

   "Ancient Boats"

   "Logboats of England and Wales with comparative
         material from European and other countries "

   "The Ship : Rafts, Boats and Ships from Prehistoic
          Times to the Medieval Era"

Thomas McGrail "Sir William Alexander: A Biographical Study"(1940)

The Nuala Anne McGrail Mystery Series
by Andrew Greeley
Irish Whiskey (2/98)

Greeley is back for a third historical novel featuring
Nuala Anne McGrail, who uses her psychic power to
 investigate the death of Al Capone's rival.
Irish Lace
Nuala Anne McGrail uses her psychic abilities to help
solve mysteries.  On a quiet street  on the South Shore,
she is overwhelmed by the screaming of thousands of dying
men--Confederate soldiers held as prisoners of war.
Irish Gold
Trying to discover why his grandparents fled Ireland in 1922,
 American-born Dermot Coyne hires college student Nuala McGrail  to  translate his grandmother's diaries and travels to Dublin, where he is  warned to leave the past alone. .
A thrilling tale of love and danger, set against the Irish troubles of the  past and present from the New York Times bestselling master of suspense. "Irish Gold revolves around a hidden fortune in gold and the real-life, still-unsolved, question of who killed Free Irish leader Michael Collins in 1922."--Publishers Weekly. HC: Tor.
Irish Mist
 After launching a successful singing career, Nuala Anne agrees to participate in a charity benefit being staged in her native Ireland. When Nuala and Dermot arrive in Dublin, they are besieged by an avidly anti-American media and an inept gang of would-be kidnappers. After charming the media bulldogs and foiling the bungled abduction attempt, they turn their attention to solving a mystery rooted in Ireland's troubled past.  Endowed with the mystical ability to virtually relive former events,Nuala employs her psychic gift to uncover the identities of the men who murdered Kevin O'Higgins, heir-apparent to Michael Collins, in 1927. 

J. McGrale   "Alternative instructional strategies for students  and other
                                           developmental disabilities: Peer tutoring and teaching
                                          (Whorton, D., Walker, D, McGrale, J., Rotholz, D., & Locke, P)
                                             (1988). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

Janet McGrail-  "Looking at Schools: Instruments and
                                               Processes for School Analysis"
                                                        (Janet McGrail, Bruce L. Wilson, Joan L. Buttram,
                                                         and Gretchen B. Rossman, reprinted 1991, 140 pages)

Erin McGreal-  "Fathers and Infants"
                                                            by Hiram Fitzgerald, Erin McGreal

Ian Philip McGreal- 

"Problems of Ethics"
  by Ian Philip McGreal 
"Great Literature of the Eastern World : The Major
 Works of Prose, Poetry and Drama from China, India,
          Japan, Korea and the Middle East" 
                 by Ian Philip McGreal (Editor)
"Great Thinkers of the Eastern World : The Major
Thinkers and the Philosophical and Religious Classics
of China, India, Japan, Korea, and the World of the East"
                by Ian Philip McGreal (Editor)
"Great Thinkers of the Western World : The Major
Ideas and Classic Works of More Than 100
Outstanding Western Philosophers, Physical and Social
                by Ian P. McGreal (Editor)
"Christian Spirituality : The Essential Guide to the Most
  Influential Spiritual Writings of the Christian Tradition" 
                Frank N. Magill, Ian P. McGreal (Editor)
Jerrie McGreal-
"Something To Think About"
(Jerrie McGreal, M. S. W.)
"Raising Happy Healthy Children"
(Jerrie McGreal, M. S. W.)

Pat McGreal-                 "Veils"
                                            by: Stephen John Phillips, Jose Villarrubia
                                                              Rebecca Guay

Stanley McGreal- 
"Cities of the Pacific Rim : 
Planning Systems and Property Markets"
by Jim Berry (Editor), Stanley McGreal (Editor)
"European Cities, Planning Systems and Property Markets"
James Berry, Stanley McGreal (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995
"Urban Regeneration : Property Investment and Development"
Jim Berry, Stanley McGreal (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1993
"European Valuation Practice"
by A. Adair, S. McGreal, M.L. Downie, G. Vos

Thomas L. McGreal-    "Successful Teacher Evaluation"

Wilfred McGreal-
"John of the Cross"
(Triumph Great Christian Thinkers)
Published 1997 by Liguori Publications
 "The Fountain of Elijah : The Carmelite Tradition"
(Traditions of Christian Spirituality)
Published 1999
"Guilt and Healing"
Published 1995


Sean McGrail- General Manager New England Sport Network (NESN)
                                         regional cable TV sports Service

Danny McGrail- BOXER
   (Junior Welterweight)
Born: September 24, 1971
Hometown: South Australia, Australia
Record: 5-1 (2 KOs)
Division: Junior Welterweight
October 14, 1996:  Won an eight round decision over Teofilo Tunacao.
September 20, 1996:  Won an eight round decision over Darrell Hiles.
June 18, 1996:  Lost an eight round decision to Stephen Marks.
November 17, 1995:  Stopped Colin Graham in the fifth round.

Bob McGrail- Poughkeepsie, New York

           1st Dan Black Belt

Scott McGrail- (Montreal)
Team Quebec

Road Racing
           (OAKLAND, Ca)
                (AFM number 886)
           Competition Classes:
                -250 SuperBike
          -250 Production
          -Formula Twins 500-

Jim McGrail- (coach)
N. Cambridge Catholic (Ma)

P.J. McGrail 
Bates College (Ma)

-NESCAC's leading rusher (1998)

-Gold Helmet Award
(College Writers Association)

-New England Division III offensive player of the week
(Eastern College Athletic Conference)

-Offensive Co-Player of the Week
 (New England Small College Athletic Conference)

Joe McGrail -Pro
1987 Buffalo Bills
Pos.  Ht.  Wt. Age
NT  6'3  280  23

Dennis McGrail- Pro             English Turn Golf & Country Club
                         New Orleans, La.
Mark McGrail -   Head Pro            WATERDOWN GOLFLAND
                         FLAMBOROUGH ,ONT


John McGreal -


Tranmere (team)
Position: Defence

Chris McGreal                     "MAIL & GUARDIAN"
   (political reporter)                                   (So. Africa)

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