Milestones                                                         10/9/00

In  Memory 
    Margaret Mary McGrail  
We regret to announce that on Sunday August 20th, 2000 
Mrs. John Gill McGrail Sr.(Family #14) passed away in 
the presence of her family.  Born  Margaret Mary McGovern 
in Balinamore, Leitrim, Mrs. McGrail immigrated to Chicago, IL
in 1926.

To the Memory 
 Florence McTiernan 
(1911- 6/200)

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Florence McTiernan,
Loving Mother of
  Michael P. J. McTiernan 
 Cherished Grandmother of 
 Jeremy  McTiernan  and Meghan Maura McTiernan 

May she rest in God's eternal Love and Mercy

All Happiness to
Robert and Tara Shannon (McGrail) Holcomb
Married on June 26, 2000
in San Jose, Cal

Congratulations !
2nd Liutenant 
Christopher Ian McGrail
The United States
Military Academy
at West Point
class of 2000
May 27, 2000

The Ted McGrail Memorial Scholarship

The Ted McGrail Memorial scholarship was established in 1991 in memory of Ted McGrail, past Chairman of the Ontario Soybean Growers’ Marketing Board. This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate student who is conducting research on some aspect of soybean breeding, production, marketing or processing at the University of Guelph.

In Memory of
Margaret Murphey McGrail
(1/14 1938- 9/9 1999)

Beloved wife of Hugh McGrail
of Medway, Mass

Cherished mother of
Kathleen Campbell
John F. McGrail

Loving Grandmother of 

               Stephen Campbell

Congratulations !
Notre Dame University
May 16th, 1999
(we're all proud of you, Angel!)


McGrail Family Reunion
(Dominick McGrail- family #24)
Hopkinton State Park
( July 3,1999)

Many Thanks to
the Planing Committee:

Matthew McGrail, Mike McGrail, Cathleen McGrail, Kathleen Madaus,
Peter Abramson, Karen Greene, Pattie Joseph, Matt & Andy McGrail, 
Ann Marie Johnson
for their  kind invitation extended to Hugh McGrail and myself to
attend their 34th Annual Family Reunion

Boston Police Detective
Myles "Buddy" McGrail

             Buddy was a retired Boston Police Detective.  He was the recipient of two
        Boston Police Department Medals of Honor. Buddy died on July 18, at the
        age of 69.    He was born in Dorchester, and lived most of his life in Hyde Park.
            He was living in So. Dennis on Cape Cod at the time of his passing. 

                   One medals was bestowed for jthe following incident...

            Buddy and another Offiicer were on duty in the Intown area of Boston. While
       they were talking, an alarm went off in one of the Jewelry Buildings.  Buddy and 
      the other policeman responded  into the building, and encountered the fleeing robbers
                                 in the lobby. 

                The robbers opend fire on the Officers. In the ensuing gun battle, 
            Buddy's partner was shot and killed, and  Buddy suffered a vicious 
                               kick to the groin.

          Although reeling from his severe injury, and in severe pain, he managed to struggle 
     to his feet, pursue one of the robbers for over a block, and effect the apprehension at 

             Buddy,  a Veteran of the Korean War, is survived by his wife Ann, his sons
         Michael G., and Daniel J.  He is also the grandfather of Danny, Julie, Timmy, 
                             and Michael McGrail.

              He has been laid to rest in the Bourne National Cemetary in Bourne, Ma. 

It is with sadness that we must 
announce the passing of
Rear Admiral 
  Charles (Chuck) McGrail, USN(Ret)
             who succumbed to a heart attack on Sunday evening,  December 20, 1998. 
       The Admiral's dedicated service to his country made America and the World, a safer place. 
                      Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

Congratulations extended to Patrick McGrail, Donal McGrail, and Eimear McGrail for their winning entries in the Local Art Competition in Lough Allen College on Sat. 15th April 2000!
The event was sponsored by the Lough Allen Community Games.

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