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O Mullaney


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The Clan Mullaney was from a Sept. which did not have a large or wealthy social structure and a directly linked family coat of arms is not easily found.  The one (not displayed here) which has been accepted as the oldest with links to Mullaney's is:

ARMS:      Sable three fleur-de-lis argent.  (Black shield with three white fleur-de-lis).

CREST:     A church and spire proper.

MOTTO:   Fortiter et Fideliter.  (Boldly and Faithfully).

     The census of 1659 finds Mullany families in Kilkenny and finds Mullany as the principal name in Waterford.  In the same records, O'Mullany is found as a principal name of County Roscommon, oparticularly in the barony of Boyyle.  More anciently, in Milesian Families, O'Mullany is cited as a Dalcassion Family in Waterford, Sligo, and Longford.(2)

      The surname Mullaney and its many variants is very much an Irish name, like so many others before, it has gone through various changes, none too serious, however between them all there are around 50 different spellings for Mullaney. Pronunciation is also a point of contention with many, the most popular spelling in Ireland in the 1800's was Mullany followed by Mullanny with only a few Mullaney's. By the 1900's the situation had been reversed with Mullaney the most common spelling, this resulted in the name being pronounced "Mul  lane  y", with the "lane" part pronounced  Lane, as in meaning, narrow road. My understanding is that it was always, and should always, be pronounced as "Mull  an  ey", with the "an" part pronounced Ann, as in the girls name.

      Many of the variants come from countries like America and England where the Irish took up residence after the disasters which fell about them in their own country through the 17th, 18th, and 19th, centuries.  America produced more variations than England, this was due mainly to the system which was responsible for translating a verbally strong, rich Irish brogue into written English, sometimes by clerics who themselves could not speak, let alone write the language.

     The name can be traced back without difficulty to the early 1500's where the clan was seated in the
location of Lough Arrow and Lough Ce, (now Lough Key), on the County Roscommon and County Sligo border. Trace ability can reach further back to the 5th, and 6th, century in the territory of Tir Eanna.  The rulers of that area were the Clan Diarmund, Gall of Enda, later in the 11th, century, MacGiolla Eanaig, and then Maoileanaigh.

CENEL EANNA (descendants of Enda), ENDA MacGIOLLA EANAIGH, later
O'MAOILEANAIGH, which was anglicised........O'MULANY, MULLANNY, MULLANEY,
this is recorded in the "Annals of the Four Masters" in 1500 A.D.

     Early Mullaney's migrated from their ancient territory at the source of the Boyle River close to the border between the counties Roscommon, Sligo and Mayo, which was bounded by the Breedoge River in the east, the Lung River to the west, the Suck River to the south and Lough Technet (now Lough Gara) to the north.  They moved north west into County Mayo giving their name to the County Market Town of Crossmolina. They moved north into County Sligo near to the Ox Mountains, where can be found Mullany's Cross. Mullaney's also moved north east across the Curlew Mountains, which in later years was to become their undefeated battle ground against marauding invaders, to the southern shore of Lough Arrow, where the border between Counties
Sligo and Roscommon skirts the edge of the Townland of BALLYMULLANNY.

    BALLY: pre-anglicised was BAILE, generally taken to denote TOWN,... In middle Irish
    (900-1200), the term Baile was taken to mean, PLACE or HOMESTEAD. Therefore,
    "BALLYMULLANNY" is identified with Homestead, Place or Town of the Mullaney's.
    The more modern understanding and usage of Bally, is commonly identified with the
    concept of "Townland" being the smallest territorial unit recognized in Ireland.

     Mullaney's populated around half of the 32 counties of Ireland in the period of Griffith's Valuation which was taken in the mid 1800's. Whilst their homelands were in the Sligo / Roscommon area there is evidence of strong Mullaney foundations in Tipperary, Mayo and Cork. Roughly, they occupied those counties west of a line drawn from the southern edge of Donegal down to the eastern edge of Waterford.

On the 15th, August 1599, four hundred years ago the Mullaney's were part of the men of Moylurg who defended the pass over the Curlew Mountains against the English and defeated them.

"Mullaney"- is a registered clan with the "Clans of Ireland Office" in Ireland.


1)-Michael Mullaney, 5 St. Peters Place, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 4BT England.

2) "The Book of Irish Families Great and Small" --@1992 -Michael C. O'Laughlin
       -The Irish Genealogical Foundation     ISBN 0-940134-08-X

Mullaneys in History
(click highlighted entries for additional information)

 Brother Patrick Francis Mullany- F.S.C.( scholar/ author) (1847-1893)
 (Bro. Azarias of the Cross Mullany, FSC)
        Noted educator, scholar, and author who was affiliated with the Christian Brothers' School, the De La Salle Institute, New York, New YorkUsed the pen name Brother Azarias and was an educator, essayist, literature and philosopher, born in Killenaule, County Tipperary, 1847.

Commander Baron J. Mullaney (Captain USN)
        First commander of the Destroyer U.S.S. Mullany, in WWII.  Nicknamed "the Lucky Ship", she sustained enormous damage from Japaneese fire, but always made it back to Port.  The ship won 7 Battles Stars for her action in the War. (note the irony of the name of the ship, and it's first commander)
                        To the crew: "Boys, I'm going to have to learn to get along with you".
                        To the officers: "And, gentlemen, you will have to learn to get along with me!"

 Archbishop John Timothy McNicholas
        who's mother was a Mullaney, became archbishop of Cincinnati, born Kiltimage, County Mayo, 1877.

 John Mullaney  (architect)
       from Cahir, County Tipperary, born 1813. He was an architect and designed and built many churches in Dubuque, Iowa.

 Colonel James R. Mullany  (10th Quartermaster General)
        Col James Robert Mullany of the house of Mullaney and Croft New York married Miss Maria Burger daughter of Elias Burger merchant all of New York Jan 27 1810. He fought in the 1812 in Canada against England.
        Born in Ireland, he enlisted as a Major in the 13th Infantry Regiment on March 13, 1812.(War of 1812)
        He probably had some military training in Europe, and possibly may have served in the British army. He transferred on August 26 to the 23rd Infantry Regiment, which he is believed to have recruited near Canandaigna, New York, and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on March 3, 1813. On November 30 of that year he was promoted to Colonel and transferred to the 32nd Infantry Regiment.  After the War, Col Mullany was appointed Quatermaster General of the Army from 1816-1818.
        His son was James Robert Madison Mullany born Oct 26 1818 .

 Rear AdmiralJames Robert Madison Mullany
    Born Oct 26 , 1818 in New York, this renowned Navy commander was recognized by the U.S. Congress for gallentry in the Battle of Mobile Bay during the American Civil War.  Mullany was promoted to Captain in 1866, to Commodore in 1870, and to Rear Admiral in 1874. He retired and lived in  Philadelphia. Two navel ships were named after him; The Clemson Class Destroyer "Mullany", and The Fletcher Class Destroyer "Mullany".

 Edmund Mullany (Irish Rebel)
     In the uprising of 1798 in Tipperary,  Edmund Mullany was one of the Irish rebels who were captured, tried, and sentenced to death. He was shot to death by a firing squad.  His head was then severed from his body and buried in the street adjoining the jail at Cashel.

 Diarmund O'Mullaney
      The senior member of the Mullaney Clan residing in the area of Boyle died in 1556.

FatherCornelius O'Mullany
       In 1409 was appointed Prior of St. Mary's on Church Island, which is on Lough Key.

Bishop Farrell Mac-Regan O'Mullaney
      Bishop of Elphin,1174-1195. Tibohine, County Roscommon.

William O'Mullaney
     In 1540 , who is described as a Bard and his four sons were assembled at a
gathering on Lough Key.

 Muirceartach Og O'Mullaney
     In 1554, Muirceartach Og O'Mullaney was apprehended for the burining of the Abbey at Boyle.
    -In the pardons from King James I. 1603 were, Brian Mirgagh O'Mullaney, Cathal Reagh
O'Mullaney and Turlough O'Mullaney.
    -At the State Inquisition held in Ballinafad 1616 Conor O'Mullaney is described as an owner in Ballymullanny along with Brian O'Mullaney, Cathal O'Mullaney and Turlough O'Mullaney.

Dominic Mullany
     1669 was a novice at Ballindoon Abbey located on the eastern side of Lough Arrow.

Denis and Bridget Mullany
     Buried within the Abbey at Ballindoon is Denis and Bridget Mullany 1753. It is said that
Mullaney's were buried on one side of the high alter and MacDonough's (the highest ranking family
in the area) on the other side.

Mrs. MacDonough (nee Mullany)
     Buried within the cloisters in the Abbey in Sligo town is Mrs. MacDonough, otherwise Mullany

FatherBernard Mullany
     (1755-1812) Entered Sligo Priory 1764 amongst other titles, from 1804 to 1808 he held the office of "Prior Provincial of the Province of Ireland", the highest Dominican Office in Ireland.

Labor Leader Kate Mullaney
     Organized the Collarworkers Union in 1865 in Troy, New York.  A celebration in her honor was held in Troy, NY, and hosted by First Lady Hilliary Rodham Clinton.

1) Michael Mullaney
         5 St. Peters Place, Haslingden,
         Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 4BT England.

Jane Mullaney, my grandmother, was born in Mohill, Co. Leitrim  in 1864. Her parents were John Mullaney and Mary Kennedy. She spent  her early childhood in Mohill, County Leitrim , With her younger brother and sister, Henery and Margaret.  After her father's death, immigrated with her mother to America at age 13 [1876].  Jane and her mother were processed  in NYC at the old Castle Clinton in lower Manhattan.  This was the immigrant station prior to the construction of Ellis Island immigration center in the 1890's.  The structure still stands in Battery Park, adjacent to the Statue of Liberty Ferry.
   Jane married another Leitrim immigrant, Edward C. McGrail, and had three children: Edward [my father], Genivieve, and John.
      Jane died on Staten Island in 1937, where she lived with her son, Edward.  She is buried with her husband in Old Calvary Cemetry, Queens, NY.  She died many years before I was born, and I regret never having known her.

The Family of
John Mullaney
Co. Mayo

1- John Mullaney (Mullanny) ( ca 1845- ca 1875)
      b.Mohill, Co, Leitrim ?   d. Mohill, Leitrim
     (sp) Mary Kennedy ( ca 1846  -  March 3, 1908)
              b. Mohill, Co. Leitrim ? d. NYC

      2- Jane Mullaney (Mullanny) (Sept. 6, 1864 - Oct 9. 1937)
                 b. Mohill, Co. Leitrim   d. Staten Island, NY
                - immigrated to NYC. ca. 1876 with her mother, after her father's death in Ireland
              (sp) Edward Christopher McGrail (1858- Dec 6, 1929)
                        b. Lisfuiltaghan, Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim  d. Bronx NY
                           - Scotland (ca 1871)
                           - Montana- cowboy (1870's-90's)
                           - Chicago- Armour Meats (1890's)
                           - Manhattan- railroad fireman on a steam locomotive

      3- Edward C. McGrail Jr (1907-1989)
                           b-NYC  d-S.I.N.Y
                        (sp)-Eileen Gottlieb (1915-1983)
                                  b-S.I.N.Y.- d- S.I.N.Y.

                4- Gregory E. McGrail   (1950-     )
                                   (sp)- Karen Goodman  (1953-    )
                                              b- S.I.N.Y.

                          5- Tara Shannon McGrail  (1977-  )
                                               b. S.I.N.Y.
                                          (University of Notre Dame-class of 1999)

                          5- Daniel Patrick McGrail  (1978- )
                                               b. S.I.N.Y.
                                          (University at Buffalo- class of 2000)

                          5- Richard Lawrence McGrail (1979-    )
                                               b. S.I.N.Y.
                                          (City University of New York- class of 2001)

                4- Kenneth R. McGrail  (1951-    )
                                     b. S.I.N.Y.
                                  (sp)- Digna Rodriguez  (1949-    )
                                              b. P.R.

                          5- Christopher Ian McGrail  (1978-    )
                                                b. S.I.N.Y.
                                             (West Point- Class of 2000 )

                          5- Kenneth R. McGrail Jr  (1980-    )
                                               b. S.I.N.Y.

                                        5- Patrick Gregory McGrail  (1982-    )
                                               b. S.I.N.Y.

                          5- Michael S. McGrail   (1984-    )
                                                 b. S.I.N.Y.

                 4- Richard L. McGrail  (1952-1978)
                                      b-S.I.N.Y.- d-S.I.N.Y.

                            4- Stephen McGrail  (1954)
                                     b-S.I.N.Y.- d-S.I.N.Y

      3- Genevieve McGrail   (1908-1987)
                             b-NYC- d-S.I.N.Y.
                         (sp) John Gottlieb  (1900-1959)
                                      b-S.I.N.Y.- d-S.I.N.Y.

                 4- Geraldine Gottlieb (1934-1953)
                                        b-S.I.N.Y.- d-S.I.N.Y.

                 4- Genevieve Gottlieb  (1936- 1997)
                                    (sp)- Michael J.Brennan   Sr.  (1932-   )

                          5- Michael  J. Brennan (1957- )
                                            (sp)- Carol Formica  (1956- )
                                                       b. NJ

                                    6- Michael Brennan 3rd  (1986-  )

                                                  6- Brian Brennan (1989-)

                          5- Kevin A. Brennan  (1958-  )
                                             (sp)-Linda- ( 1958-  )

                                     6- Kimberly Brennan   (1982 -  )

                                     6- Kelly Brennan  (1984- )

                                     6- Lisa Brennan  (1986-  )

                                     6- Laura Brennan  (1986 -    )

                           5- Colleen Brennan (1961-   )
                                              (sp#1)-William Knieriam  Jr. (   -   )

                                                   6-  William C. Knieriam  3rd  (   -   )

                                      6- John Knieriam  (   -   )

                                      6- Steven Knieriam  (    -    )

                           5- (sp#2) John Sorge (   -   )

                                                   6- Melanie Sorge (    -    )

                                     6- Chrystal Sorge (    -    )

                                         5- Diane Brennan (1962-   )
                                              (sp)- Steven Cykowski (  -   )

                                      6- Patrick  Cykowski  (   -   )

                                                     6- Daniel Cykowski  (   -   )

                                       6- Connor Cykowski  (  -  )

                                        6- Erin Cykowski  (  -  )

                            5- Thomas  E. Brennan  (1964 -    )
                                                (sp) Lynn Lepardo (    -    )

                                                     6- Laurie Ann Brennan  (1996 -    )

                                       6- Brian Brennan  (    -    )

      3- John A. McGrail  (1912-1981)
                           b-NYC  d-S.I.N.Y.
                         (sp #1) Elizabeth ?  (   -    )

                4 -Joy McGrail  (1945?-  )
                                     b. Bklyn?

                         (sp #2) Elizabeth  Price  (    -1967)
                                       b. Bklyn (?)  d. Bklyn
                                      (1st cousin-actor Vincent Price)

                         (sp #3) Kathleen  (   -     )

      2- Henery Mullaney(Mullany)  (April 14, 1866-   )
              b. Mohill, Co. Leitrim  d.- ?
                  (may have died in chilhood)

      2- Margaret Mullaney (Mulanny ( Sept 20, 1868-   )
                  b- Mohill, Co. Leitrim  d.- ?
                       (may have died in childhood)


[Transportation Records-Irish National Archives]


AGE: 29       SEX: M      ALIAS:
PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Roscommon
TRIAL DATE: 11/07/1848
DOCUMENT DATE:                                                                                                                                                           CRIME DESCRIPTION: Appearing Armed                                                                                       SENTENCE: Transportation 10 yrs                                                                                             SHIP:                                                                                                                                                                                     PETITIONER: RELATIONSHIP:                                                                                                                                       DOCUMENT REFERENCES: CRF 1851 M36                                                                                                                   MICROFILM REFERENCES:                                                                                                                                             COMMENTS:

AGE: 18      SEX: M      ALIAS:                                                                                                                                       PLACE OF TRIAL: Co Leitrim                                                                                                     TRIAL DATE: 28/06/1851                                                                                                           PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT:                                                                                                                                           DOCUMENT DATE:                                                                                                                                                          CRIME DESCRIPTION: Burglary and robbery                                                                    SENTENCE:Transportation 10 yrs                                                                           SHIP:                                                                                                                                                                                     PETITIONER: RELATIONSHIP:                                                                                                                                       DOCUMENT REFERENCES: TR 11, p 94                                                                                                                         MICROFILM REFERENCES:                                                                                                                                             COMMENTS: Name struck through on register.

AGE: 33      SEX: M      ALIAS:                                                                                                                                       PLACE OF TRIAL: Co Tipperary                                                                                                 TRIAL DATE: 19/07/1843                                                                                                           PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT:                                                                                                                                           DOCUMENT DATE:                                                                                                                                                           CRIME DESCRIPTION: uttering forged promising note                                                                 SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs                                                                                             SHIP:                                                                                                                                                                                     PETITIONER: RELATIONSHIP:                                                                                                                                       DOCUMENT REFERENCES: TR 5, p 160 CRF 1843 M 43                                                                                             MICROFILM REFERENCES:                                                                                                                                             COMMENTS:Convict is employed in the purchase and selling of cattle.
Convict has a wife and five children.

Tasmanian Convict Rolls

Prisoner #432   Name-  MULLOWNEY Catherine      Prison Ship-Waverley

Leitrim Births
LDS (Mormon) Family History Center
microfiched IGI
Dominick Mullanny 10 Jan 1864 Hugh Mullanny and Margaret Sharcott Jamestown
Jane Mullanny 06 Sept 1864 John Mullanny and Mary Kennedy Mohill
John Mullany 27 Sept 1864  John Mullany and Mary McKeon Co. Leitrim
Honor Mullaley  22 May 1865 James Mullaley and Mary King Mohill
John Moloney 14 June 1864 Thomas Moloney and Anne Reed Jamestown
Henery Mullany 14 April 1866 John Mullany and Mary Kennedy Mohill
Margaret Mullanny 20 Sept 1868 John Mullanny and Mary Kennedy Mohill
Anna Doherty 23 June 1883 Patrick Doherty and Bridget Mullaney Kilclare
Patrick Doherty 20 March 1886 Patrick Doherty and Bridget Mullaney Kilclare

Illinois Land Records

Purchaser: MULLANY THOMAS Record ID: 509499
Date: 09/06/1882
Acres: 40
Price: $9.00
Type of sale: Railroad (RR)
County: 39
Section: 12 Section Part: SWNE
Township: 08S Range: 02W
Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res:
Arch. Vol. No: 794 Vol. Page No.: 312
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Philadelphia City Directory, 1890
  Gopsill, James. Gopsill's Philadelphia City Directory for 1890.
      Philadelphia: James Gopsill's Sons, 1891.
 Mullaney James  driver  (h) 815 Depot
 Mullaney James  laborer (h) Sprague av n Locust av, Somerville
 Mullaney John J. compounder (h) 815 Depot 
 Mullaney Patrick (h) N 53d n Jefferson 
 Mullaney Patrick laborer  (h) 2112 Annin 


Descendants of Charles Mullany
   b-Co. Sligo, Ire
   d-Cleragh, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ire
     2-MARK MULLANY (ca.1831-  )
        b- Co. Sligo, Ire
        d- Cleraghm,Co. Mayo, Ire
       (sp)BRIDGET BYRNE 
        (married-February 01, 1864)
           3-MICHAEL MULLANY  (7/31 1866-  )

              b- Kiltimagh, County Mayo,
              d- ?
           3-MARY MULLANY (12/1870-  )
              b-Cleragh, County Mayo, Ire
              d- ?
           3-MARGARET MULLANY (12/1871-  )
              b-Cleragh, County Mayo
              d- ?
           3-BRIDGET MULLANY (8/1874-  )
              b-Cleragh, County Mayo
              d- ?
           3-CHARLES MULLANY (11/1875-  )
              b-Cleragh, County Mayo
              d-  ?
           3-ANNE MULLANY (10/1876-  ) 
              b-Cleragh, County Mayo, 
              d- ?
             (sp)PATRICK GOLDEN 
                 (a.k.a. Pat Golden)
             (married-November 1920 in ?)
       (a.k.a. Joannes Mullany) 
        b- Clereagh,Co Mayo 
        d- Kiltimagh,Co Mayo
      (sp)BRIDGET DOYLE       
           b- Ireland.        
           d- Kiltimagh,Co Mayo

           3- MICHAEL MULLANEY SR. (8/1874-10/31 1949)
               b- Clereagh, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo                                                                       
               d- Philadelphia,PA
             (sp)DELIA BOLAND- (3/19 1885- 3/3 1947)  
                  b- Kinaffe, Swinford, Co Mayo                             
                  d- Philadelphia, PA

              4-JOHN J. MULLANEY, SR.(8/5 1908- 10/19 1987)
                 b- Philadelphia, PA
                 d-  Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.
                (sp)YOLANDA DELL'OSA- (6/13 1917-   ) 
                     b-Philadelphia, PA

              4-THOMAS MULLANEY- (8/30 1910- 10/3 1914) 
                 b- Carrick, Kiltimagh,Co Mayo     
                 d- Carrick, Kiltimagh,Co Mayo

              4-ANNA CELIA MULLANEY- (9/ 28 1912-10/21 1986) 
                 b- Carrick,Kiltimagh, Co Mayo 
                 d- Coventry, England.
               (sp)JOHN O'BRIEN- (10/05 1913-   ) 
                    b- Carrick, Kiltimagh,Co Mayo
                    d- Coventry, England                     
              4-MICHAEL THOMAS ALOYSIUS MULLANEY- (8/25 1916- 7/09 1997)
                 b- Philadelphia, PA
                 d- Newfield, New Jersey 
               (sp)MARY ANN TESTA- (1/24 1911- 8/23 1983)
                    b- Philadelphia,PA
                    d- Cape May Court House, New Jersey  
              4-MARY JOSEPHINE THERESA MULLANEY- (5/17 1919-  )
                 b- Philadelphia, PA
                 d- July 13, 1996 in Bridgeton, New Jersey                                                              
               (sp)CARLO VINCENT MAZZEO,SR. (1/25 1917- 5/26 1987)
                    b- Bronx, New York.       
                    d- Philadelphia, PA                                          
              4-MARTIN PETER JOSEPH MULLANEY- (6/29,1922- 10/10 1964)   
                 b- Philadelphia, PA
                 d- Philadelphia, PA.

              4-ALICE THERESA MULLANEY- (5/07 1925-  ) 
                 b- Philadelphia, PA
           3-MARY MULLANY (2/1870-  )
              b- Cleragh, Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Ire
              c- Cleragh, Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Ire

           3-MARTIN MULLANEY- 
              b- Clereagh,Kiltimagh, Co Mayo
              d- Unknown                                             

           3-ANNE MULLANEY- 
              b- Clereagh, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo,
              d- Clereagh, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo
            (sp)PATRICK MULLANEY (    -   )
           3-BRIDGET MULLANY (7/1873-  ) 
              b- Cleragh, Kiltimagh, County Mayo,Ire
              d- Cleragh, Kiltimagh, County Mayo,Ire   

           3-CATHERINE MULLANEY (11/1879 -  )
              b- Clereagh, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo,
              d- Unknown                                         

           3-JOHN MULLANEY, JR.  (1882-  )
              b- Clereagh, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo,
              d- Unknown          

           3-PATRICK MULLANEY, SR. (2/1877-  )
             (a.k.a. "Coin" or "Koin" and Pat Mullaney)
              b- Cleragh,Kiltimagh, Co Mayo,
              d- Ireland
            (sp)MARY ANNE BROWN-   

              4-JOHN PATRICK MULLANEY, SR. (2/10 1910- 2/05 1988)  
                 b-Kiltimagh,Co Mayo
                 d-Philadelphia, PA
               (sp)LENA T. SEERY (3/11,1919- 4/23 1983) 
                    d- Philadelphia, PA  

              4-MICHAEL MULLANEY (8/08,1921-  )
               (sp)BRIDDIE LYNCH ( ? - ca.1957) 
                    d-London, England
                Lives- Salt Hill, County Galway, Ireland
              4-JAMES MULLANEY-        
                (sp)ROSE McGRINDER 
                Lives- Salt Hill, County Galway, Ireland

              4-THOMAS MULLANEY- 
                lives- Australia            

              4-PATRICK MULLANEY, JR.(   - 6/29 1996) 

              4-ANNIE AGNES MULLANEY- 
                Lives- Coventry, England       
               (sp) JUDGE ?   

(researcher- Nancy
 Newfield, New Jersey
 Catherine Mullaney (b- ? Ireland)
1845-1855 married James Welsh. Their first child was born about
1868 in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio.

(researcher- Mary (McCarty) Weese)                                                                                                                                                                                 

(bothers who married sisters.)

 Michael Mullany (1780- 1849) -arrived in Sandusksy, Oh in the 1840's.  
 + Honora Collins (1796-1877).  
( descendants spell name as "Malaney") 

John Mullany (1787-1849)  
+ Mary Collins (1802-1896). 
(descendants spell name as "Mulaney")  
 families came from Carrigaholt, County Clare, Ireland on the Shannon River.
 Other members of the Mullany Family were Jerome, Patrick, Nancy (Lynch) and Margaret (Murray).  

 (researcher-Frank Neath Malaney)                                                                                   
       Pataskala, OH 43062                                                                                          

The Family of
Hugh Mullany
1) Hugh Mullany b.1821-31- 1871)
    m.1857, Kilmore,Co Roscommon,Ireland 
    d. 1871 Scotland
  (sp) Margaret Sharkey (Sharkett)

          2)Catherine (1858-   )
               b. Kilmore

          2)Dominick (1864-   )
               b. Kilmore (Clooncommon)

          2)Margaret (1867-   )
               b. Govan, Scotland

          2)Patrick (1868-   )
               b. Ireland

          2)Bridgit (1869-   )
               b. Govan, Scotland

          2)John (1871-   )
               b. Govan, Scotland
            (sp)Catherine Donochoe 
                  m. 1895 Paisley, Scotland

                    3)William (1894-   )

                    3)Margaret(1895 -   )

                    3)Patrick (1897-   )

                    3)Catherine (1899-   )


                    3)Julia (1904-   )

                    3)female (1905-   )
                       (still living)

                    3)Elizabeth (   -   )

                    3)John (1909-   )

                    3)Peter (1909-   )

                    3)Hugh (1911-   )

                    3)Female (1913-   ) 
                        (still living)
researcher: Mary Mallany
     Mary Mullany married "Lavin" 1/17/76. ( RC Church of Belanagare in 
Frenchpark, County Roscommon)

     Her father's name was Michael Mullany
Griffith's Primary Valuation
NAMES             # OF FAMILIES
Moloney               18
Molony                25
Molowney              3
Molowny               1
Mullaly               2
Mullanny              9
Mullany               48
Mulloney              1
Mullony               10
Co. Wicklow
Moloney               1

Mullowney             1
Irish Flax Growers List (1796)
ID     County       Surname        Given Name

29252  Leitrim      Mullany        Francis
30203  Longford     Mullany        John
30205  Longford     Mullany        John, jun
44425  Roscommon    Mullany        James
44579  Roscommon    Mullany        Michael
47581  Sligo        Mullany        Owen
47636  Sligo        Mullany        Denis
47637  Sligo        Mullany        Patrick
Life Under english Rule
(These incidents speak for themselves,and need no further comment)
Christmas 1849
-Pat Mullany (age 12) and Peter Dunne (age 11) were whipped early 
in December, 1849, for stealing potatoes during the famine in Co. Leitrim. 
-Pat McSharry (age 13) spent Christmas, 1849, in the Carrick gaol;
he had been subjected to 27 whip lashes on the 20th of December.
"Did the gaol chaplain look on the frail, whipped body of a child and see
a parallel with the scourged body of Christ? Did he condone the punishments
or did the fact that the landlord, Mr. M. St. George, had donated land to 
the Church bind him to silent collaboration with the system? Did Pat 
McSharry hear Christmas bells ring out in joyous celebration that year?"
         - Frankie Watson (1996)
           ("Leitrim Guardian" regarding the Carrick-on-Shannon Gaol)

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