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Mac Searraigh
MacSherry     Foley    Feley

     McSharry is found in Leitrim, Donegal and Sligo with 29 births in 1890. McSherry had 10 births recorded in Armagh at that time.
     One spelling of the name in Gaelic, "Searrach", helped form the root of the name, meaning "foal" (newborn horse) in English. [Therefore some use the name of Foley]
     Historically , one family is found in the area of the old territory of Breffny, centered in Co. Leitrim.
     In Ulster, as given in Armagh above, the family is believed to be of entirely different origins.  The two main spellings given in the birth index have been used interchangeably at times.

Sharry   O'Sherry   Mac Sherry  McSherry

     The 1890 birth index finds the family of Sherry centered in Monaghan, Dublin and Meath, and McSherry centered in Co. Armagh at that time.  The census of 1659 give McSherry and McShery as principal names of Col Armagh, and O'Sherry as a principal name of Monaghan.  The name is found with both the Mac and O' prefix at times in older records.  Some of the name are also found in Co. Cork, but these are of completely separate origins from the above.

Source: "The Book of Irish Families Great and Small" --@1992 -Michael C. O'Laughlin                -The Irish Genealogical Foundation     ISBN 0-940134-08-X

                        The McSherrys                                                                                    of                                                                                       ManorHamilton                                                                                                                County Leitrim, Ireland

James McSherry and Margaret Gilbride were married in ManorHamilton,Co. Leitrim. 
James McSherry Sr 
They had eight children: Bridget (Beesy), Margaret, John, Annie, Catherine, Joseph, Michael (James), and Francis. James remained in ManorHamilton, where he was a businessman. Margaret and Annie both immigrated to NYC in the 1890's. Margaret, my grandmother, married Edward Gottlieb, who prior 
Margaret Gilbride
to his conversion to Catholicism, had been studying to be a Lutheran minister. 
(as had his father before him)  They had nine children and lived in Staten Island, N.Y
(Photos are restored from a tin type, ca. 1870)

Thady McSharry

1-Thady McSherry (McSharry) (ca 1820-   )
      b. vacinity Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim
    (sp) unknown

         2-James McSherry- (ca 1844  - bef 1901 )
                b. Ire d. Manorhamilton,Co.Leitrim
               (sp) Margaret Gilbride- (ca 1844   - aft 1910 )
                         (father- Michael Gilbride-Co. Leitrim)
                         b.Ire.- d. ManorHamilton, Co. Leitrim

            3- Bridget (Beesy) McSherry(Feb 7, 1870 -   )
              3- Margaret ("Maggie") McSherry-(1872-1953)
                      b. Manorhamilton,Co.Leitrim
                      d .Staten Island,NY
                 (sp)-Edward J. Gottlieb-(1870-1958) 
                                b.-S.I.N.Y- d. S.I.N.Y. 

            4- Mary (Daisy) Gottlieb- (Oct 22 1899- May 17, 1998 )
                               b.Rutherford, NJ.- d- S.I.N.Y.
                 (sp) Joseph Donohue-(    -    )
                                       b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.

                          5- Kenneth Donohue-(    -    ) b. S.I.N.Y.
                                          (sp)- Evelyn -(    -    ) b. S.I.N.Y.

                                    6- Linda Donohue-(    -1957?)

                                    6- Richard Donohue-(    -    )

                                    6- Michael Donohue-(    -    )

                                    6- Amy Donohue-(    -    )

                                       4-John J. Gottlieb- (1900-1959)
                                             b.S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.
                                (sp)-Genevieve McGrail-(1908-1986?)
                                                      b.NYC- d. .S.I.N.Y.

                          5-Geraldine Gottlieb-(1935-12/8 1953)
                                            b.S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.

                          5- Genevieve Gottlieb-(10/22 1936- 12/8 1997)
                                            b.S.I.N.Y.- d. Fla.
                                (sp)-Michael J.Brennan-(3/5 1932-    )

                                    6-Michael J. Brennan-( 1957-    )
                                        (sp)-Carol Formica-( 11/27 1956   -    ) b.-N.J.

                                              7- Michael Brennan-(8/16 1986   -    )

                                              7- Brian Brennan-( 8/22 1989   -    )

                                     6- Kevin A. Brennan-(10/21 1958-    )
                                                        b. S.I.N.Y.
                                          (sp)- Linda Evermham (5/6 1958-   )

                                              7-Kim Brennan-(2/7 1982   -    )

                                              7-Kelly Brennan-( 11/23 1984   -    )

                                              7-Lisa Brennan-( 5/12 1986   -    )

                                              7-Laura Brennan-( 5/12 1986   -    )

                                       6- Colleen Brennan-(10/15 1961-   )
                                                           b. S.I.N.Y.
                                                       (sp#1)-William Kneriam-( ca 1960  -    )
                                                                       b. S.I.N.Y.

                                              7- Steven Kneriam-(8/28  1980  -    )

                                              7- William C. Kneriam-( 8/28 1981   -    )

                                              7- John Kneriam-(4/ 1983    -    )

                                                                  (sp#2)- John Sorge-(    -    )
                                                                                  b. S.I.N.Y.

                                                                     7- Chrystal Sorge-(    -    )
                                                                            b. Fla.

                                                          7- Melanie Sorge-(    -    )
                                                                             b. Fla.

                                          6- Diane Brennan-(8/16 1963-    )
                                                             b. S.I.N.Y.
                                               (sp)- Steven Cyckowski-( 12/31 1963   -    )

                                                                7-Patrick Cyckowski-( 3/17 1990   -    )

                                                     7-Daniel Cyckowski-( 3/22 1992   -    )

                                                      7- Connor Cyckowski  (    -   )

                                                      7- Erin Cyckowski  (    -    )

                                           6- Thomas E. Brennan (5/12 1967-    )
                                                             b. S.I.N.Y.
                                                (sp)- Lynne Lepardo (   -   )

                                                     7- Lori Ann Brennan-(4/15 1996-    )
                                                                        b. S.I.N.Y.

                                                      6- Brian Brennan-(12/27 1969-    )
                                                             b. S.I.N.Y.

                     4- Joseph E. Gottlieb-(1903-1911)
                                        b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.

                     4- Anna Gottlieb-(1905-1954)
                          (sp)- Rudolph Wegener-(    -    )
                                                b. S.I.N.Y. d. ?

                                5- Anna Wegener-(    -    )

                                           5- Gloria Wegener-(    -     )
                                     (sp)- Frederick Cubberly-(    -    )

                                         6- Frederick Cubberly-(    -    )

                                        6- Robert Cubberly-(Aug 12,1949 - Oct 29,1995)
                                                           b. NY  d. NY

                                        6- Caroline Cubberly-(    -    )

                                        6- Gloria Cubberly-(    -    )

                                 5- Lucille Wegener-(    -    )
                                     (sp)- William Hyde-(    -    )

                                         6- Female Hyde-(    -    )

                                         6- Mary Beth Hyde-(    -    )

                                5- Elaine Wegener-(    -    )
                                    (sp)- Raymond Nagy-(    -    )

                                                     6- Raymond Nagy-(    -    )

                                          6- Elaine Nagy-(    -    )

                                          6- Betty Ann Nagy-(    -    )

                                                     6- Mary Beth Nagy-(    -    )

                                5- Rudolph Wegener-(1930?-    )

                    4- Kathleen Gottlieb-(1907-1965)
                                       b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.
                         (sp) Howard Wegener-(    -1968?)

                                5-Howard Wegener-( 1936 - 1998 )
                                                b. S.I.N.Y.
                                   (sp)-Carol Wheelahan-(    -    )
                                                         b. S.I.N.Y.

                                         6- Howard  (Robert) Wegener-(    -    )

                                         6- Todd Wegener-(    -    )

                                                    6- Michael Wegener-(    -    )

                               5- Nancy Wegener-(    -    )
                                   (sp#1)- David Hicks-(    -    )

                                         6- Robert Hicks-(   -    )

                                          6- David Hicks-(    -    )
                                             (sp)- unknown

                                         6- Margaret Hicks-(    -    )

                                         6- Marjorie Hicks- (    -    )
                                            (sp)- Robert ?

                                         6- Kathy Hicks-(    -    )
                                             (sp)- unknown

                                             6- James Hicks-(    -    )

                                (sp #2) Victor Baird (   -   )
                                                            res. Mechanicsville, Md

                    4- Francis E. Gottlieb-(1908-1975)
                                      b.S.I.N.Y.- d. Bklyn, NY
                         (sp) Maude Lillian Holgan  (1916-   )
                           -m. August 1945 ?

                                5- Frances Ernestine Gottlieb (1947-    )
                                               b.Bklyn, NY
                                     (sp)-unknown Hallett



                                 5- Andrew I. Gottlieb- (1949-    )
                                                b. Bklyn, NY

                     4- Bernard (Benny) Gottlieb-(1912-1975)
                                       b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.

                     4- Eileen Gottlieb-(1915-1983)
                                       b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.
                                     (sp) Edward C. McGrail-(1907-1989)
                                               b. NYC- d. S.I.N.Y.

                               5- Gregory E. McGrail-(1950-    )
                                                 b. S.I.N.Y.
                                       (sp) Karen Goodman-(1953-    )
                                                          b. S.I.N.Y.

                                        6- Tara Shannon McGrail-(1977-    )
                                                           b. S.I.N.Y.

                                        6- Daniel Patrick McGrail-(1978-    )
                                                           b. S.I.N.Y.

                                        6- Richard Lawrence McGrail-(1979-    )
                                                           b. S.I.N.Y.

                                5- Kenneth Robert McGrail-(1951-    )
                                                  b. S.I.N.Y.
                                     (sp)- Digna Rodriguez-(1949-    )
                                                           b. P.R.

                                          6- Christopher Ian McGrail-(1978-    )
                                   West Point Class of 2000

                                          6- Kenneth Robert McGrail-(1980-    )

                                          6- Michael McGrail-(1982-    )

                                          6- Patrick McGrail-(1984-    )

                                 5- Richard Lawrence McGrail-(1952-1968)
                                                  b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.

                                 5- Stephen McGrail-(1954-1954)
                                                   b. S.I.N.Y.- d. S.I.N.Y.

              3- John McSherry (June, 1874 -   )
                           b. Manorhamilton

          3-Annie McSherry -( June 1875  - ca 1957  )
                          b. Manorhamilton-  d.  Bronx, NY?
              (sp)- James Lynch-(    -    )
                           Res. Bronx NY

                    4- Margaret ("Tootsie")Lynch (   -   )

                    4- James Lynch (   -   )

                              5- Loraine Lynch (   -   )

          3- Catherine (Katie?) McSherry (July 1877-   )
                        b. Manorhamilton   Res- Manhattan/Bronx
                 (sp) Willie McCambridge (   -   )

           3- Joseph McSherry (August 1880 -   )
                            b. Manorhamilton
         3-Michael (James ) McSherry- (Sept. 1882   -    )
                         b. Manorhamilton- d.Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim
            (sp)-Mary Brady (   -   )

                    4- John McSherry (   -   )

                    4-  Sarah Patricia McSherry (1908- 1991)

                              5- Sally Manoly (   -   )

                     4-J ames McSherry- (    -    )

                    4- Francis (Frank) McSherry (   -   )

          3- Francis McSherry (   -   )
                            b. Manorhamilton


A market and post-town [?] partly in the parish of Killasnett, Barony of Rossclougher, but chiefly in that of Clonclare, Barony of Dromahaire, County of Leitrim, and Province of Connaught. 22 miles [N] from Carrick-on-Shannon and 102 1/4 miles [N/W] from Dublin on the road from Enniskillen to Sligo; containing 1348 inhabitants.

The Manor was granted to Sir Fred Hamilton in the 16th. of Charles 1. [sic], with extensive privleges: including courts leet and baron [?], and a court of record every three weeks, power to appoint a "senechal" [?] to hold pleas of all debts, with view of "frankpledge" [?], to have waifs and strays and privlege of "free warren" [?], and to determine causes and contracts to the amount of L1000.

The Castle, situated on a gentle eminence near the town, was by far the largest, strongest, and most handsome in the county. It was erected in the reign of Elizabeth by Sir F. Hamilton [from whom the place derives its foundation and name], and is 105 ft in length, in breadth, and aboudt 40 ft. high, Each of the stories being beautifully quoined [?] and corniced with hewn stone, It is surrounded by a strong wall, defended by four bastions, one at each corner, and the stone of which it is built has a singularly glittering appearance from the micaceous particles which it contains,

The surrounding land is remarkably fertile, and the picturesque scenery affords interesting rides and views.

The town, forming one long street, consists of 233 houses, mostly thatched. The Earl of Leitrim, who is proprietor of it, has built a spacious and handsome market-house in the centre, having a large square at the back with ranges of slated buildings for provisions. There is a sessions-house in which sessions are held quarterly, and petty sessions on alternate Thursdays; attached to it is a "bridewell" [?].

The market is on Thursday, and there are fairs on 5/8- 7/1- 1st Thursday in August- and 10/7- also on the first Thursday [O.S.] [?] in Nov.-and on the 12th of every other month. These fairs are chiefly for cattle, and rank among the most important in the county.

Here is a constabulatory police station. Near the town are Skreeny, the seat of Lieut.-Col. J.J. Cullen; Rockwood, seat of Capt. H.F. Cullen; Hollymount, seat of Simon Armstrong, Esq.; Glenboy, seat of Lewis Algeo, Esq.; and Larkfield, seat of J. O'Donnell, Esq.

The curch is a neat building with a handsome spire, erected about 30 years since. [1802?] There is a Roman Catholic chapel and places of worship for Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists.

A "loan fund" [?] has been established, having a capital of L1000. A school is supported by a bequest of the late J.J. Masterson, Esq. ; and here is a "dispensary". [doctor's office?]

Source- "Topographical Dictionary of Ireland"-Vol 1-p342- Samuel Lewis

McSherry Births
Co. Leitrim
LDS FHC entries
Catherine McSharry christened  27 Aug 1841, Michael McSharry and Catherine Rooney Cloonclare
Ann McSharry christened  27 Feb 1842 Wm. McSharry and Maria Gordon Cloonclare
Patrick McSharry  christened  17 July 1842 Michael McSharry and Ann Rooney Cloonclare
Charles McSharry christened 05 Nov 1842 Michael McSharry and Margt. Rooney Cloonclare
Thomas McSharry christened 20 Oct 1843 Michael McSharry and Ann Rooney Cloonclare
Ann Clancy christened 11 June 1845 John Clancy and Ann McSharry Cloonclare
Peter McSharry christened 13 Sept 1845 William McSharry and Maria Gordon Cloonclare
Maria McSharry christened 10 Jan 1846 Michael McSharry and Ann Rooney Cloonclare
Patrick McSharry christened 22 Feb 1846 Michael McSharry and Maria Rooney Cloonclare
Patrick McSharry christened 22 Dec 1846 Patrick McSharry and Catherine Rooney Cloonclare
John McSharry christened 17 March 1849 Michael McSharry and Maria Rooney Cloonclare
Catherine McSharry christened  07 July 1850 Michael McSharry and Maria Rooney Cloonclare
Ann McSharry christened  08 Jan 1851 Michael McSharry and Ann Rooney Cloonclare
Cecila McSarry christened 21 March 1851 Hugh McSarry and Maria Gordon Cloonclare
Michael McSharry christened 17 March 1852 Michael McSharry and Maria Rooney Cloonclare
Brigid McSharry christened 18 April 1853 Michael McSharry and Maria Rooney Cloonclare
Brigid McSharry christened 15 July 1853 Michael McSharry and Ann Rooney Cloonclare
Denis McSharry born 01 Jan 1864 Thomas McSharry and Anne Sesnon Drumahaire
Bartley McSharry born 19 Jan 1864 Brian McSharry and Ellen Meeghan Kinlough
Mary McSharry born 05 Feb 1864  Thomas McSharry and Mary McGriskin Drumahaire
Margaret McGloin born 26 Feb 1864 Gilbert McGloin and Catherine McSharry Kinlough
Mary Jane McSharry born 17 March 1864 Thomas McSharry and Jane Cassidy Manorhamilton
Anne McSharry  born 27 March 1864 Owen McSharry and Bridget Keany Manorhamilton
Patrick Obeirne born  27 March 1864 Thos. Obeirne and Cath. McSharry Kinlough
Patrick McSharry born 05 April 1864 Francis McSharry and Cath. McHugh Manorhamilton
Patt McSharry born  07 May 1864 Patt McSharry and Bridget Rowan Lurganboy
Bridget McSharry born  24 May 1864 Hugh McSharry and Mary Roonean Kinlough
Catherine McSharry born  20 June 1864 Bryan McSharry and Catherine Bradly Drumahaire
Daniel Kerrigan  born 26 June 1864 Danl. Kerrigan and Cath. McSharry Kinlough
John McSharry  born 28 June 1864 Patrick McSharry and Cath. Johnston Drumahaire
Margaret McSharry  born 07 July 1864  John McSharry and Mary McGuire Drumkeeran
Mary McSharry born   01 Aug 1864 Peter McSharry and Ellen Murphy Lurganboy
Michael McSharry  born  17 Aug 1864 Owen McSharry and Ann Keany Manorhamilton
Mary McSharry born 22 Aug 1864 Terence McSharry and Mary Cullen Drumkeeran
John McSharry born 05 Sept 1864  Thos. McSharry and Bridget Gallagher Kinlough
John McSharry born 09 Nov 1864 Michael McSharry and Ellen Roonen Lurganboy
Mary McSharry  born  02 Jan 1865 John McSharry and Elizabeth Roonen Lurganboy
Patrick McSharry born 08 Jan 1865  John McSharry and Bridget Walsh Drumahaire
Francis McSharry  born  30 Jan 1865  John McSharry and Sarah Curnien Manorhamilton
Patrick McSharry  born  17 Feb 1865 Patrick McSharry and Honor Leonard Manorhamilton
Patrick McSharry born 01 March 1865 Patrick McSharry and Margaret McMorry Manorhamilton
Francis McSharry born  03 March 1865 Hugh McSharry and Mary Gordan Manorhamilton
Patrick McSharry born 05 March 1865 ? father and Honor McSharry Manorhamilton
Patrick Clancy born 07 March 1865 John Clancy and Catherine McSharry Manorhamilton
Catherine McSharry born 21 March 1865 Darby McSharry and Bridget Ford Drumkeeran
James McSharry born 24 March 1865 William McSharry and Bessy Oneil Kinlough
Mary McSharry born  23 April 1865  Patrick McSharry and Mary Reigan Manorhamilton
Margret McGowan born  03 June 1865 Bartly McGowan and 
Bridget McSharry
Catherine McSharry born  09 June 1865 Thomas McSharry and Ann Travers Manorhamilton
Thomas McSharry born 09 June 1865  Thomas McSharry and Ann Travers Manorhamilton
James McSharry born 23 June 1865 Thady McSharry and Anne Conolly Kinlough
Patrick Mawn  born 25 July 1865  Michael Mawn and Cecelia M'Sharry Manorhamilton.
Rose McSharry born 25 July 1865 Thomas McSharry and Jane Cassidy Manorhamilton
Mary McGowan born 08 Aug 1865 James McGowan and 
Anne McSharry
Catherine Hart born 18 Sept 1865 John Hart and Mary McSharry Drumahaire
Ann McSharry born  21 Sept 1865  John McSharry and Mary Hooks Manorhamilton
Honor McSharry born  26 Sept 1865  James McSharry and Anne Regan Lurganboy
William Lee  born  31 Oct 1865 Patrick Lee and Anabella McSharry Manorhamilton.
Thomas McSharry born  29 Nov 1865  James McSharry and Mary Cox Manorhamilton
John McSharry born  16 Dec 1865 Charles McSharry and Anne Blake Kinlough
Bernard McEnroy born  Jan 02,1866  Pat McEnroy and Alice McSharry Lurganboy
Ellen Kerrigan born 11 Jan 1866 Francis Kerrigan and Bridget McSharry Kinlough
James McSharry born  15 Jan 1866 Charles McSharry and Mary McGoorty Lurganboy
Eliza McSharry born  20 Feb 1866 Bryan McSharry and Catherine Macklin Drumahaire
John McSharry born  21 Feb 1866 Michael McSharry and Maria Monaghan Drumahaire
Patrick McSharry born 01 March 1866  James McSharry and Bridget Harrison Kinlough
Margaret Obiern born  04 March 1866 Thomas Obiern and Cath.  McSharry Kinlough
Francis McSharry  born  10 March 1866  Owen McSharry and Ann Keany Manorhamilton
Mary McSharry born 31 March 1866 Francis McSharry and Cath.McHugh Manorhamilton
Patrick McSharry born 01 April 1866 Francis McSharry and Margaret Dolan Drumkeeran
John McSharry  born 12 April 1866 John McSharry and Bridget Walsh Drumahaire
Thomas McSharry born  17 May 1866 Thomas McSharry and Mary McGriskin Drumahaire
Maria McSharry born  22 May 1866 Bryan McSharry and Catherine Bradley Drumahaire
John McSharry born 25 May 1866 Hugh McSharry and Mary Roonian Kinlough
Bridget McSharry  born  08 June 1866  Thomas McSharry and Bridget Gallager Kinlough
Jane McSharry born 02 July 1866 Thomas McSharry and Ellen Gallagher Drumahaire
Owen McSharry born 03 July 1866 Bryan McSharry and Ellen Meehan, Kinlough
James McSharry  born  06 July 1866 Thady McSharry and Anne Conolly Kinlough
Bryan McSharry born 18 July 1866 Bryan McSharry and Biddy Rooney Manorhamilton
Bridget McSharry  born 22 Aug 1866 Peter McSharry and Ellen Murphy Lurganboy
Ellen McSharry born  24 Aug 1866 James McSharry and Ellen McCordock Drumahaire
Anne McSharry born 21 Sept 1866 James McSharry and Jane McCann Lurganboy
Francis McSharry born 22 Sept 1866 John McSharry and Mary McGuire Drumkeeran
Mary McGloin born 28 Sept 1866 Gilbert McGloin and Catherine McSharry Kinlough
Patrick McSharry born 01 Oct 1866 Michael McSharry and Ellen Roonan Lurganboy
John McSharry born 02 Oct 1866  Patt McSharry and Mary Keegan Manorhamilton
John McSharry  born 09 Oct 1866  Patrick McSharry and Catherine Hernan Kinlough
Rose McSharry born  27 Oct 1866 Peter McSharry and Anne Maguire Manorhamilton
Catherine McSharry born  17 Nov 1866 Martin McSharrry and Ellen Rooney Manorhamilton
Hugh Kerrigan born 10 March 1867 Daniel Kerrigan and Cath. McSharry Kinlough
James McSharry  born 26 March 1867 Charles McSharry Mary Conolly Kinlough
John Michael McSharry born 26 June 1867 Thomas McSharry and Anne Travers Manorhamilton
Mary Hughs born 01 July 1867 James Hughs and Mary McSharry Kinlough
Bridget McSharry born  20 July 1867 Darby McSharry and Bridget Ford Drumkeeran
Denis McSharry born 06 Sept 1867 Peter McSharry and Ellen Murphy  Lurganboy
Mary McSharry  christened 14 June 1868 Hugh McSharry and Mary Gordon Cloonclare
The above is compliled from LDS sources and submitted by Jean Rice, a dedicated and tireless researcher -Many Thanks Jean

Marriage Records
Matilda Mulherin to Thady McSharry 08 Feb 1864 Killasnet, Mullies Roman Catholic Chapel. Mormon computerized
IGI, others named in source

1790 Federal Census-(Pennsylvania)


 Name of head of family: McSherry, John
 Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
 Free white males under 16 years: 1
 Free white females, including heads of families: 2

 Name of head of family: McSherry, Elizabeth
 Free white females, including heads of families: 1
 All other free persons: 2

 Name of head of family:McSherry, Patrick
 Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
 Free white males under 16 years: 1
 Free white females, including heads of families: 2
 All other free persons: 4
 Slaves: 5

 Name of head of family: McSherry, Bernard
 Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 4
 Free white females, including heads of families: 1
 All other free persons: 1

 Name of head of family: McSherry, William
 Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
 Free white males under 16 years: 2
 Free white females, including heads of families: 2

Assorted Records
Unknown McSharry of ManorHamilton married Margaret Downey (possibly of 
Donegal) gave birth to Margaret McSharry sometime in the early 1800's.

-Circa 1835, Margaret McSharry married Martin Devany in Manor Hamilton.
They gave birth to several children including  Margaret Devany (circa 1845).
-In 1865, Margaret Devany married Patrick McDaniel in ManorHamilton.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               They
 they had at least nine children between 1866 and 1885.
 (researcher- Delia J.Smith)

 Patrick (?) McSherry-immigrated from Leitrim, (ca) 1855-1860, and settled  in Eastern Kansas,around Burlingame/Scranton area.  He married Bridget  Rooney (b. Ireland), year unknown.   -They had five children-James, Bernard Thomas ( b. 1889),Patrick and Anne.    Another daughter died as a child.  (researcher- Pat McSherry)

- Gabriel McSharry Manorhamilton's Masterchef 

"In the 1997 issue of the "Leitrim Guardian" there is a fine photo of 
Gabriel McSharry from McDermott Tce., Manorhamilton, in his tall 
chef's hat, the youngest teacher of the Irish Master Chef programme
in Ireland. Gabriel lectures to advanced head chefs from all over Ireland 
in the Tourism College, Killybegs, Co. Donegal, where he is one of the
teaching staff.

Gabriel has won awards in national and internationl competitions. He has 
trained the college team in Killybegs for the past 10 years, winning
gold and silver in all major competitions. He has attained the highest
qualifications in pastry, ethnic, kitchen and larder fish and sauces - 
specializing in all sections of his profession. His work has brought him
to Switzerland, England, Germany and France, and per 1997 issue he was
preparing a team to represent Ireland at the European championship finals 
in Belgium.

Gabriel is also very involved in community work in Manorhamilton and at 
the time of the article was the secretary of the McDermott Tce. Residents
Association, member of the NTCB External Examination board and a member
of the National Executive of the panel of chefs of Ireland.

Gabriel McSharry is well-known throughout the country for his contribution 
to the development of young people. He also has a licenceship from City and
Guilds of London."
(special thanks to Jean Rice ( permission to use this 
article from her postings on the "Leitrim Ireland Queries" forum.)

-Rep. James McSherry Sr.- a Congressional Representative from Pennsylvania.
He was born in Littlestown, Adams County,Pa., on July 29, 1776.  He attended
the Lancaster (Pa.) Academy, and later engaged in mercantile pursuits.  He 
a member of the State house of representatives (Pa) from 1807-1812, and
served in the State senate in 1813. 
     During the War of 1812, he served in the defense of the city of 
Baltimore. He was later elected to the Seventeenth Congress (March 4,1821-
March 3, 1823)  Although an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1822 
to the Eighteenth Congress, he was again elected a member of the State House
of representatives 1824-1830, 1834, and 1835.  He was also a delegate to 
the State Constitutional Convention of 1837 and 1838. 
     When he retired from politics, he again resumed his interests in 
mercantile pursuits.
     James McSherry died in Littlestown, Pa., on February 3, 1849, and is 
intered in St. Aloysius' Catholic Cemetery.
(sources: 1) "American Biographical Notes-M" (p.273)
               TheChicago Historical Society)
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- James McSherry Jr. was graduated from Mount St. Mary's college,  Emmitsburg, Md., in 1838.  He was admitted to the bar in 1840 and settled  in practice in Gettysburg, Pa. He later returned to Maryland in 1841, and  practiced in Frederick City from 1841 until 1869.       James McSherry Jr. was a contributor to the "United States Catholic Magazine", and author of "History of Maryland (1634-1848) (pub-1849);  "Père Jean, or the Jesuit Missionary" (1849); and "Willitoft,or the Days of  James the First, a Tale" (1851).  He died in Frederick county, Md., July 13, 1869. (source-The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans:  Volume VII-"M")
 -REV. WILLIAM McSHERRY was president of Georgetown College.  He died at Georgetown, Ky., on Dec.17, 1839. (source: "American Biographical Notes-M" (p.273) The Chicago Historical Society
   - James McSherry,author, was born in Frederick county, Md.,on July 29,1819. son of James and Anne Ridgely (Sappington) McSherry, and grandson of Patrick and Catharine (Gartland) McSherry. (sources- 1) "The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable  Americans: Volume VII-"M"           2) "Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the  Nineteenth Century" (p647)
 - Patrick McSherry came from Ireland in 1745, and settled in  Lancaster county,Pennsylvania.  During the American Revolution, he was  Chairman of the Committee of Safety for York County, Pa. (source-The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans:  Volume VII-"M")
 -Dr. Richard McSherry, physician, was born in Martinsburg,Va.,on  Nov.21,1817. He was the son of Dr. Richard McSherry. He graduated the  University of Pennsylvania Medical school, and a successful practitioner in Virginia for over fifty years. He was educated at Georgetown College in Washington D.C.,and the University of Maryland, and was graduated from the Universlty of Pennsylvania, M.D. in 1841.         He was appointed assistant surgeon in the medical corps of the U.S. Army, on Aug. 21, 1838,served under General Taylor in the Seminole War. He later and resigned his commission, April 30, 1840.        He was married in 1842 to a daughter of Robert Wilson, a prominent Baltimore lawyer. He was assistant surgeon in the U.S. navy, 1843-56. He practised in Baltimore, Md., from 1856 until 1883.  He was professor of materia medica in the University of Maryland, 1862-65; and of the principles and practice of medicine there, 1865-85.      He was a member of the medico-chirurgical faculty of Maryland, vice- president of that body in 1870, and president in 1883; one of the founders and first president of the Baltimore Academy of Medicine, and president of the Maryland state board of health.     He contributed to the leading medical journals and is the author of: El Puchero, or a Mixed Dish from Mexico (1850); Essays (1869); and Health and How to Promote it (1883).      He died in Baltimore, Md., Oct. 7, 1885. (source: "The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans : Volume VII M")
 -James McSherry, lawyer, jurist. He was Chief Justice of Maryland  Court of Appeals. (source: Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth  Century. Addenda page lxxii)

Bishop Hugh MacSherry- Titular Bishop of Justianopolis,Capetown,
South Africa. (1930's)

Patrick McSherry- Founded the town of McSherrystown in 

Life Under english Rule
(These incidents speak for themselves,and need no further comment)

Christmas 1849

-Pat Mullany (age 12) and Peter Dunne (age 11) were whipped early 
in December, 1849, for stealing potatoes during the famine in Co. Leitrim. 
-Pat McSharry (age 13) spent Christmas, 1849, in the Carrick gaol;
he had been subjected to 27 whip lashes on the 20th of December.

"Did the gaol chaplain look on the frail, whipped body of a child and see
a parallel with the scourged body of Christ? Did he condone the punishments
or did the fact that the landlord, Mr. M. St. George, had donated land to 
the Church bind him to silent collaboration with the system? Did Pat 
McSharry hear Christmas bells ring out in joyous celebration that year?"
         - Frankie Watson (1996)
           ("Leitrim Guardian" regarding the Carrick-on-Shannon Gaol)

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