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Mac Giolla Brighde
Kilbride  McGilbride  Mulbride  Bride

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     The Mac Bride family name is traditionally associated with the old province of Ulster, comprising the north of Ireland.  As one would expect, some of the name in this area will be of Scottish origins as well as Irish.
     MacBride comes from the Irish Mac Giolla Bhride ‘son of the follower of (St) Bridget’. St Bridget was a famous abbess of Kildare, who died in 525. Also derived from the same Irish origin are the surnames Kilbride, Gilbride, MacIlvreed, MacGilbride and others.
     They are found most early in the County of Donegal. where they served as erenaghs of Raymunterdoney.  The name is later found in County Down, in the 1659 Census as a principal one of that county.
     The principal Irish family of the name were based in the north of Co. Donegal in Raymunterdoney, where they were very prominent in the church, a number of the family becoming bishops. A branch migrated in Co. Down in early times, where the surname remains quite numerous. In Ulster also, the name may have a Scottish origin, from the descendants of one Gillebride, progenitor of one branch of the Clan Donald.
     The best known contempory bearer of the surname was Sean MacBride (1904-1988), active on the
Republican side in the War of Independence and after, Minister for External Affairs from 1948 to
1951, founder-member of the Amnesty International, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974, the
Lenin Peace Prize in 1977 and the American Medal for Justice in 1978.

The form 'Magee' reflects the pronunciation of Ulster and Scottish Gaelic, with 'Mag-' most common in the east of the province, and 'Mac-' in the west;

     O'Mulbride-Mac Bride, coming from the Irish O'Maoilbrighde, is found as a chief in the barony of Athlone in Co. Roscommon, east of the River Suck.  Mulbride has been given as a variant of McBride in Keatings History, and no doubt there has been some interchanging of the name early in history.

     Kilbride [MacKilBride] is the form of the name in the province of Connaugh and the name is also found as Gilbride at times in Ireland.  In both cases the original Mac befor the name was dropped.  Kilbride has only 7 recorded births a century ago, all in the province of Leinster and Connaught. Mac Bride at that time, was still found in Antrim, Donegal, and Down most commonly, remaining a name of the north of the country.

     Several of the name are cited in O'Hart's work were of Co. Donegal heritage and migrated to Montreal, Canada.

Source: "The Book of Irish Families Great and Small" --@1992 -Michael C. O'Laughlin                -The Irish Genealogical Foundation     ISBN 0-940134-08-X


Margaret Gilbride McSherry
(ca. 1880)
Manorhamilton, Leitrim

          [Transportation Records- Irish National Archives]

NOTE: These "criminal" records reflect the tenacious will to survive that characterize the spirit of the Irish race.  The inhuman policies of the English invaders, the theft of our land and the attempted genocide of our people by starvation, forced families to fed ,shelter, and clothe themselve by any means necessary.  The  poor young victim below was torn from her family and loved ones for the "theft" of clothing, and subjected to  7 years of unimaginable abuses in an Australian labor camp at the hands of the English oppressors.

AGE: 26    SEX:       ALIAS:
PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Fermanagh
TRIAL DATE: 19/10/1842
CRIME DESCRIPTION: Stealing sheets/clothing
SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs

Griffith's Primary Valuation

NAMES             # OF FAMILIES

Gilbride                            1

Assorted Birth Records (Leitrim)
Name Date Parents Village
Patrick Donnally  Jan 11, 1864 Michl. Donnally and Margt. Gilbride Mohill
Bridget Casey 15 Jan 1864 Michl. Casey and Mary Gilbride Mohill
Bridget Gilbride 20 Jan 1864  James Gilbride and Bridget McGriskin Drumkeeran
Bridget Gilbride 11 April 1864  Dan Gilbride and Bridget Fox Kinlough
Peter Gilmartin 28 May 1864 James Gilmartin and Ellen Gilbride Kinlough
Cath. Kilbride 13 July 1864 Thomas Kilbride and Ellen Murray Leitrim
Anne McGullion 06 Aug 1864 Daniel McGullion and Bridget Gilbride Lurganboy
Thomas Guldrick 14 Sept 1864 Thomas Guldrick and Mary Kilbridge Leitrim
Bernard Curran 01 Dec 1864 Francis Curran and Bridget Gilbride Drumshanbo
Bridget Kilbride 07 April 1865  James Kilbride and Mary Magarty Drumahaire
Bridget Kilbride 08 April 1865 Patrick Kilbride and Maria McTernan Drumahaire
John Gilmartin 13 April 1865 James Gilmartin and Nelly Gilbride Kinlough
James Kilbride 03 June 1865 James Kilbride and Mary Wrinne Rowan
John Gilbride 08 Aug 1865 Francis Gilbride and Anne Kane Drumshanbo
Patrick McGullian 29 Sept 1865 Daniel McGullian and Bridget Gilbride Lurganboy
Hugh Gilbride 07 Dec 1865 James Gilbride and Margaret McGriskin Drumkeeran
Anne Gilbride  22 April 1866  Bryan Gilbride and Betty Feely Kinlough
John Gilbride 25 June 1866 Daniel Gilbride and Bridget Fox Kinlough
Eleanor Gilbride 04 Aug 1866 Patrick Gilbride and Mary Teirnon Mohill
Anne Gilbride 20 Oct 1866  James Gilbride and Margaret Rodichan Ballinamore
Thomas Curran 12 Nov 1866 Francis Curran and Bridget Gilbride Drumshanbo
Joseph Kilbride 01 Jan 1867 James Kilbride and Mary McCran Rowan
Scisley  Gilmartin (female) 23 Feb 1867 Myles Gilmartin and Catherine McGreal Drumshanbo
Bridget Gilbride 09 Aug 1868   James Gilbride and Margaret Rodichan Ballinamore

Fenagh Parish Baptisms 1825-1899
Child Father Mother Page Townland Notes
Francis Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 113
James Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 64
Kate Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 105
John Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 30
John Bland, Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 48
Mary Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 93
Micheal Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 75
Patrick Bland Wm. Gilbride Mag Gilbride 65

Additional Sources:
-"The Kilbride Cemetery Page"

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