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In a famed battle at Southern Moytura (on the Mayo-Galway border) it was that the Tuatha De Danann met and overthrew the Firbolgs. The Firbolgs noted King, Eochaid was slain in this great battle, but the
De Danan King, Nuada, had his hand cut off by a great warrior of the Firbolgs named Sreng. The battle raged for four days.
So bravely had the Firbolgs fought, and so sorely exhausted the De Dannann, that the latter, to end the battle, gladly left to the Firbolgs, that quarter of the Island wherein they fought, the province now called Connaught. And the bloody contest was over.
-"A History of the Irish Race"

Drumkeerin, Innishmagrath Parish, Co. Leitrim


special thanks to JOHN FLYNN at "Drumkeerin on-Line" permission to use this image.


     "Leitrim, a maritime county of Ireland, province of Connaught, bounded S by
     Roscommon and Sligo, W by the bay of Donegal, N by Donegal and Fermanagh, and E
     and SE by Cavan and Longford; 52 m. long and 16 in its greatest breadth, and 6 m. its
     least, containing 407,260 acres. The surface is extremely uneven, being composed of
     bogs and high mountains, which afford sufficient herbage for the breeding of cattle. The
     valleys are fertile, and watered with rivulets, and the mountains contains inexhaustible
     stores of lead, iron, and copper ores, and coal mines. Potatoes, barley, rye, and wheat,
     are cultivated in small quantities, and oats in greater abundance. Chief river, the
     Shannon. 2 members are retutned to parliament. Chief town, Carrick. Pop. 105,976."
     (From The New London Gazetteer (1826))

Drumkeerin, Leitrim

[Droim Caorthainn- "Rowan-tree Ridge"]

Lies between Lough Allen and the smaller but attractive Bellavel Lough.  Some lonely hills rise to the north and south of the village.  Across Lough Allen, to the south-east, rises Slieve Anierin 1922 ft, in the Iron Mountains. South of Drumkeeran are the Brawlieve Hills, the highest of which attains an altitude of 1377 ft.

****Topographical Dictionary of Ireland- [Vol 1] Samuel Lewis

"A village in the Catholic Parish of Innismagrath, Barony of Dromahaire, County of Leitrim, and Province of Connaugh. 5 1/2 miles [S/E] from Dromahaire, on the road from Carrick-on-Shannon to Manor Hamilton. It contains 51 houses and 284 inhabitants. [ca. 1832]

It has a "Penny Post"* [livery coach?] to Carrick-on-Shannon, a market on Wednesday, and twelve Fairs: 1/27- 2nd Wed in Feb.- 3/18- 4/4- 5/27- 6/24- 7/18- 8/18- 9/16- 10/19- 11/11- and 12/12.

"Petty Sessions"* [small-claims court?] are held here every fortnight, on Wednesday."

 -SEPTEMBER 6, 1798: The Franco-Irish army reaches Drumkeerin in the evening. An envoy from Lord Cornwallis offers terms for surrender but they are rejected.

-Drumkeerin is the noted home of Fr Maguire and the village where the play, "The Black Pigs Dyke" by Tarman man Vincent Woods was set.

The Townsland
Lis- ful- sha- haun
County- Leitrim
Barony- Drumahaire
Parish- Inishmagrath
PLU- Manorhamilton
Province- Connaught
A "townsland" was a small collection of tenent farms laying outside a central village. 
   In 1901, the townsland of Lisfuiltaghan ("Lis-ful-sha-haun")
consisted of 360 acres, and encompassed part of Seltanasaggart Mountain.  Located south west of the town of Drumkeerin, it had 11 dwellings and one under  construction.  This village is no longer extant;  a legacy of the large number of individuals and families who were forced to immigrate due to the opressive land policies of the British Crown.     These policies, combined with the horrors of the Famine,  decimated the population of Leitrim. 
   As of 1997, there remained only one house standing; the ancestorial home of Stephen and Norah McGrail.

Views of Lisfuiltaghan

"Lisfultighan House"
(on Seltanasaggart Mountain)
Ancestorial Home of Stephen and Nora McGrail
(courtesy of Kieran Concannon and "Video Ireland")

                View of the McGrail farmlands                                 View of Drumkeerin
                                     (courtesy of Kieran Concannon and "Video Ireland")

from Owen McGreal's farm

                                                                               Lisfuiltaghan House is in center distance.
                                                                                  (on top of Seltanasaggart mountain)
photos courtesy of Hugh McGrail (Medway, Ma)
Francie McNiffe and Hugh McGrail's sister Peg McGrail at their father's barn.
Francie McNiffe, Peg McGrail, and Fr. Bill Kelly at Hugh's father's home.
                             Flynn's Place
                                                                                                      Flynn's Place                                  
Francie McNiffe, Kathy McGrail, and Fr. BIll Kelly

   [Villages and Townslands]
Acres  Corralustia  Glasdrumman Beg Modorragh
Aghamore  Corraweehil Glebe Glasdrumman More Moneenatieve
Alteen  Corry Glassalt Moneenreave
Alteenacres Glebe Curraghs North Gowlaumrevagh Mullagh Bawn
Altiquin Curraghs South Gortacorra Mullaghcashel 
Annaghgerry Dereens Gortnasillagh East Mullaghfadda
Ardlougher  Dergyvone Gortnasillagh West Ross
Aughrim Derrindangan Greaghnadarragh Ross Beg Glebe
Barragh Beg Derrintawy Glebe Greyfeild Ross More
Garragh More Derrinurn Greaghnaslieve Seltan
Bargowla  Derrinvoher Gubb  Seltannaggart 
(Corry Mountain)
Barlear Derrinvoney Lower Killadiskert Seltanaskeagh
Boleybrack  Derrinvoney Upper  Killoman Shass
Boleymaguire Derrinweer  Kilmore Sheena
Braudphark Derrinwillin Glebe Kilnagarns Lower Shivdelagh
Bundibveen Derryboffin Kilnagarns Upper Stangaun
Cemalt  Derrycullinan Beg Kiltyfeenaghy Glebe Tawnycorragh
Canbeg Derrylustia  Knockacosan Tents
Carrowlaur Derrynahinch Knockateean Tinny Beg
Cartron Beg Derrynalurgan Knockacoska Tonlegee
Cavan Derryvalanagher Glebe Larga Tullaghans
Clooneen Doolargy Glebe Lavagh  Tullaghans
Cloonmeone Lower Drumbrahade Lecarrow  [Strandhill] Tullyclevaun
Cloonmeone Upper Drumkeerin Letter Tullycorka
Cloonamurgal Drummans Faughnan Lisacoghill Tullymurray 
Coollegreane Drumman Garvagh Lisadlooey Tullynamuckduff
Corchuill Lower Drummans Lower Liscuillew Lower Tullynaroog
Corchuill Upper Drummans Island Liscuillew Upper  Tullyveame
Corcormick Drummans Upper Lisdrumgran Turpaun
Corderry Drummanacappul Lisfuiltaghan Ummera
Cordugg Drumrewy Lisnanaw Unshinagh
Corglass Falty Lisnanorrus 
Corloughcahill  Fingreagh Lower Lugmeen
Carlough Tomalty Fingreagh Upper Lugmore
Cornacloy Glackaunadarragh Mahanagh



LISFUILTAGHAN VILLAGE (heads of households)

-James McHugh
-Patrick Higgins
-Francis Kelleher
-Margaret Fury
-Bartley McGreal
-Stephen McGreal
-Thaddy Flynn
-Patrick McPartland
-William McNiff
-Hugh McNiff
-Francis Nesbitt Cullen

Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

Mc Greal, Bartley       County : Leitrim
        Parish : Inishmagrath
        Location : Lisfuiltaghan

Mc Greal, Charles       County : Leitrim
        Parish : Inishmagrath
        Location : Glasdrumman More

Mc Greal, John  County : Leitrim
        Parish : Inishmagrath
        Location : Tullycorka

Mc Greal, Martin        County : Leitrim
        Parish : Inishmagrath
        Location : Lugmeen Town of Drumkeeran

Mc Greal, Stephen       County : Leitrim
       Parish : Inishmagrath
        Location : Lisfuiltaghan

In the 1901 Census of Ireland, the heads of household in Lisfuiltaghan were:

1] Owen Magowan7 persons in family

2] Honor McGreal5 persons in family: Patrick  McGreal (son)

                                                             -  Ellie Devitt McGreal (son's wife)

                                                             -  John McGreal (grandson-2yrs)

                                                             -  Stevie McGreal (grandson-infant)

3] under construction

4] John McHugh9 persons in family

5] Catherine Creamer5 persons in family

6] Anne Keleagher2 persons in family

7] Michael McGreal9 persons in family

8] James Flynn7 persons in family

9] Myles McPartland5 people in family

10] Peter McNiff7 person in family

11] Michael McNiff7 people in family

12] Patrick McNiff6 people in family


Drumkeerin Notables
                             John McKenna 1880-1947(flautist)
                                       Damian O'Brien (fiddler)
                                     Oliver Loughlin ( piano / accordionist)

Curragh's Cemetery
at the
Ancient Abbey of Tarmon
County Leitrim, Ireland
(The final resting place of Stephen and Norah McGrail)

[11th-16th Century]

MacGreal-Mayo  MacGilbride-Donegal  O'Mullane(Chief)-Kerry
MacDavitt-Donegal MacSherry-Cork O'Mullany-Waterford
"Topographical and Historical Map of Ancient Ireland"


McGrail is the 15,744th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001%; percentile is 75.754

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