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MacDaibheid (son of David)
MacDavitt  Davison  MacDaid  Devitt

     The McDevitt sept in Ireland was founded by one David O'Doherty [d.1208], who was a chief of Cenel Eoghain.  The name has been common in Donegal, and in adjoining areas of Tyrone and Derry in Northern Ireland.  It is significant to note that the name remained localized in theis area alone, and is not widespread elsewhere in Ireland.  To this day McDevitt remains a name of Donegal, with the name being found here in the 1890 index. as well as in Tyrone and Londonderry.

     Note the townland name of Ballydevitt in the barony of Banogh, Co. Donegal, and another of the same name in Derry.  Without the "Mc" prefix, spelled as Devitt, the name was found in Clare and Dublin in the 1890 index.

     These locations are distinct from those found with the "Mc" prefix.  In Milesian families the name is also listed as a Norman one, arriving in 1171 and settling in Cork. Limerick, and Galway.

     Dr. James MacDevitt, [1832-1879], who was the Bishop of Raphoe and author of  "The Donegal Highlands."

Mac Daibheid  [son of David]
McDaid- Mac Davitt- Mac Devitt

     McDade, McDaid etc... is said to have come from MacDaibheid, meaning son of David.  It is essentially considered a name of Ulster in Counties Donegal and Derry.  The name can also be found as MacDavitt, MacDevitt and Davison.

     According to one account the McDade family can be traced back to David O'Doherty [d.1208], chief of Cinel Eoghain.

     Milesian families gives the name in Limerick and Galway in 1171, and of Norman origin spelled as McDade.  Spelled as McDaid the same source gives the family in Limerick, Galway and Donegal, with the same origins.

     The birth index show the family in Donegal, Londonderry, and Tyrone in more modern times.

Source: "The Book of Irish Families Great and Small" --@1992 -Michael C. O'Laughlin                -The Irish Genealogical Foundation     ISBN 0-940134-08-X


Norah Devitt McGrail
1825 - 1911


Philadelphia City Directory, 1890
   Gopsill's Philadelphia City Directory for 1890.
        Philadelphia: James Gopsill's Sons, 1891.
Devitt Abraham L.  hardware 801 S 2d 
Devitt Annie  boarding 1033 Buttonwood 
Devitt Barbara E.  wid John  (h) 801 S 2d
Devitt Barnabas 
(Menke & Devitt) 
(h )1915 N 7th 
Devitt Charles W. 
(William Devitt & Son)
(h) 1446 N 12th 
Devitt Frank machinist (h) 1033 Buttonwood 
Devitt Hannah wid Philip  (h) 1857 Memphis 
Devitt Henry B.  hardware 766 S 2d 
Devitt Hugh  watchman (h) 1741 Christian 
Devitt Hugh  watchman  (h) 1706 Race 
Devitt James cooper  (h) 2419 Christian 
Devitt James H.  gardener  (h) 4677 Wash'n, Myk 
Devitt James J. fireman (h) 709 S 11th 
Devitt John  laborer (h) 2525 Tilton 
Devitt John  weaver  (h) 2922 Boudinot 
Devitt Joseph  machinist  (h) 1033 Buttonwood
Devitt Joseph  machinist (h) 2719 Orkney 
Devitt Joseph A.  driver  (h) 626 S 26th 
Devitt Lenton P. (h) 1106 Jackson 
Devitt Paul J. furng  (h) 1107 S 2d 
Devitt William 
(William Devitt & Son) 
  (h) 2130 N 12th 
Devitt William boxmkr  (h) 4677 Wash'n, Myk 
Devitt William dryer  (h) 4677 Wash'n, Myk 
Devitt William & Son 
(William & Charles W.) 
carpenters 1127 Brown 
Menke & Devitt 
 (Henry Menke & Barnabas Devitt) 
china 902 Arch 

Griffith's Primary Valuation

Devitts in Inishmagrath Parish

Anne Devitt-            Derrinweer
Anne Devitt-            Drumkeeran
Dominick Devitt-     Derrinweer
Dominick Devitt-     Knockacosan
James Devitt-          Corchuill Lower
Martin Devitt-         Knockacosan
Peter Devitt-            Corchuill Lower
Terence Devitt-        Derrinweer
Terence Devitt-        Drumkeeran
Terence Devitt-        Knockacosan
Terence, Devitt Jr.-  Derrinweer
Terence, Devitt Jr.-  Drumkeeran


NAME                  # OF FAMILIES

Davet                               1
Davit                                11
Davitt                               12
Devit                                6
Devitt                               20

Co. Wicklow

NAMES                # OF FAMILIES

Devitt                             16

(Co. Letrim LDS/FHC miscrofisched records)
Ann Devitt 1860's Martin Devitt and Bridget Ford. Drumkeeran
Bridget Devitt 1860's Patrick Devitt and Jane McMorrow Drumkeeran
Bridget Devitt 1860's William Devitt and Catherine McPartland Drumkeeran
James Devitt  1860's  James Devitt and Ellen Woods Drumkeeran
Mary Devitt  1860's William Devitt and Catherine McPartlan Drumkeeran
Mary Devitt 1860's James Devitt and Ellen Woods Drumkeeran
Michael Devitt 1860's Martin Devitt and Bridget Ford Drumkeeran
Terence Devitt 1860's Michael Devitt and Fanny Campbell (or Magauran) Drumkeeran
Thomas Devitt  1860's Dominik Devitt and Mary McAniffe Drumkeeran
Thomas Dennery  July 28,  1867 John Dennery and Ann Devitt Drumkeeran
William Devitt 1860's Martin Devitt and Bridget Ford Drumkeeran


The Union and Advertiser
Rochester, N.Y.

Hugh Devitt died at 10:45 o'clock this morning at his home, 154 South
Fitzhugh street, aged 62 years. He had been in failing health since
February last, suffering from liver enlargement. Several attacks of
illness confined him to his house temporarily. The last time he was
able to walk out was a week ago last Saturday.

"The deceased was born in County Leitrim, Ireland, and came to America
in 1863, settling in Rochester the following year. Since that time he
had always resided in the Third ward. In 1869 he engaged in the
restaurant business at the corner of Exchange and Spring streets, where
he remained up to the time of his death. His business was successful
and he acquired an easy competence. He owned considerable real estate.

While Mr. Devitt never sought or accepted public office of any kind, he
was always active, as a Democrat............Deceased was an intimate
friend of many prominent local Democrats.

Mr. Devitt was married three times. By his second wife he had one
daughter, now 13 years of age, who survives. A brother and sister in
Ireland and a nephew and niece in this city also survive. The funeral
will take place Friday morning at the Immaculate Conception Church."


Tasmanian Convicts

Prisoner #- ?   Name-DEVITT John     Prison Ship-Eudora


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